MPA Lime announced as new name for British Lime Association

The trade body for UK producers of lime has changed its name to strengthen its position as part of the Mineral Products Association (MPA). MPA Lime is the new name for the British Lime Association (BLA) representing all of the industrial mineral lime producers in the UK.

MPA Lime has three full members – Lhoist UK, Singleton Birch and Tarmac – which between them produce more than 1 million tonnes of industrial lime sold in the UK each year, as well as exporting specialist products overseas. In addition, there are three associate members – British Sugar, Specialty Minerals and Tata Steel Europe – which produce industrial lime for their own product manufacturing.

Founded in 1989, the BLA was affiliated with the MPA’s predecessors (BACMI[1] and QPA[2]) and was one of the trade bodies which came together to form the MPA in 2009. The latest move to rename as MPA Lime is aimed at leveraging the MPA brand, presence and activity on a number of fronts, including government policy to regulatory reform.

Each year the UK lime industry makes a GVA (gross value added) contribution to the economy of £55 million but it is a critical supplier of products to a vast array of other UK industry sectors that have a combined turnover in excess of £500 billion[3].

Mike Haynes, Director of MPA Lime said: “Lime plays an important role in numerous industries and applications yet is often overlooked because it’s hidden from view. However, lime can be likened to the yeast needed to make bread – you don’t need a lot of it compared to other ingredients and yet, just like in bread, it makes a crucial difference to a wide range of essential products.

“Becoming MPA Lime allows us to leverage the MPA brand when it comes to being recognised as a part of the essential minerals industry. At a time when UK manufacturing is under increasing economic, political and regulatory pressures it is vital that we make our voice heard to demonstrate the enormous value of the lime industry and the great things we’re doing in areas such as alternative energy, resource efficiency and innovation. Our new name marks a new era for the lime industry in the UK.”

There are two types of lime made in the UK – high calcium lime (quicklime, hydrated or slaked lime) and dolomitic lime (known as dolime) – and both are essential for a range of uses in numerous industries:
• Manufacturing: iron and steel, as well as non-ferrous metals like aluminium, zinc and copper, and glass, paper, plastics, rubber and pharmaceuticals.
• Food and Water: purification of drinking water, production of sugar, dairy products and baking to fruit farming, fish farming and soil improvement.
• Environment: neutralisation of sewage and industrial effluents, absorption of gas emissions from power generation as well as animal welfare.
• Construction and Civil Engineering: mortars, renders and plasters, insulating building blocks, fire resistant boards, soil stabilisation in infrastructure, asphalt modification, and specialist heritage applications.

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