Neutron Equipment supply an Eggersmann Terra Select T60 Wheeled Trommel Screen to Coastal Organics.

Coastal Organics, part of the Coastal Group, are one of the largest Green Waste recyclers and Compost producers in the Southwest of England.

Coastal produce over 35 - 50,000 Tonnes of compost a year and recently engaged Neutron Equipment to help increase their mobile screening capacity for compost production from shredded green waste.

Green waste is typically recycled to produce a range of compost products. The process starts with the collected waste being shredded to produce material that contains fine / mid-size and stick type particles. This material can then be laid out in large lines called Windrows or arranged in stacked piles and left to decompose. The decomposition is an aerobic process which requires the material to be regularly turned over and allow airflow into the piles. This ensures all the available material turns to compost. Then towards the end of the process the material is screened to collect the saleable compost material and re-circulate the rejected material back through the entire process. There are a range of compost products made from recycled green waste such as top dressing, soil conditioner, mulches and growing media which offer enhanced fertility and improved soil quality. They are used nationwide by local authorities, commercial & private landscapers, and gardeners.

Neutron worked closely with Coastal to assess their requirements and objectives. Then they proceeded to supply the Eggersmann GmbH Terra Select T60 wheeled mobile Trommel screen. The T60 is second largest Trommel screen available from Eggersmann with a 2.2m diameter x 5.5m long screening drum and up 200m3 screening capacity.

Straight away the T60 greatly increased Coastal’s screening capacity whilst maintaining product quality and reducing fuel consumption. As such the decision was quickly made by the management team at Coastal to purchase the T60 and continue with parts and support from Neutron.

Eggersmann Terra Select T60:
High throughput performance and many innovative design solutions are the striking features of the Terra Select T 60, while its high-performance motor runs fuel and energy-efficiently. The engine has sufficient power reserves to operate additional optional equipment such as star screening decks or windsifters. The pivoting infeed unit makes the daily manoeuvring of the machine easy for the personnel.

The Terra Select T 60 trommel screening machine is equipped with a powerful industrial diesel motor (75 kW power). The trommel, with a length of 5,500 mm and a diameter of 2,200 mm, provides impressive screening performance of up to 200m³/h. The positive fitting drive for the infeed conveyor belt stops and starts automatically depending on the amount of material in the drum, preventing an overloaded screening drum. Special features are an optional extra-long fine grain belt 8,060mm, a 33m² screening area, and a powerful 75 kW diesel motor.

Neil Collings, Site Operations Manager takes up the story, “We had been operating an Eggersmann T55 which is an excellent workhouse and although we researched the market it made sense to go with the same brand as we have total confidence based on the 10 years of experience we have had from that machine.

“The new machine is processing around 100 tonnes/day producing compost. Currently, the market is very busy, and we cannot produce enough compost fast enough, and it is obvious that as we expand, we will have to invest in new machines. The new machine has been a great choice which has been backed up by Neutron who are helping us fine tune to optimise the maximum specification of the end product.

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