New CEMEX ONPOINT Mortar Injects Colour into Offsite Construction and Urban Building Design

Global building materials solutions supplier CEMEX has introduced CEMEX ONPOINT, a new range of durable, coloured cement mortars, specially designed for the off-site and urban architectural specification markets.


Developed to complement and enhance the design and aesthetics of any architectural or urban scheme, CEMEX ONPOINT is a factory-produced mortar available in over 35 consistent colour palette options, effectively complementing a wide range of masonry products and existing mortar. Guaranteed to not fade and providing high levels of resistance in extreme exposure, CEMEX ONPOINT is suitable for multi-use applications.  


This new product is ideal for offsite and precast panel construction for commercial development, modular housing and residential high rise, as well as for restoration and retrofit projects. The high performance mortar is formulated for gun injection application, providing an additional sustainability benefit by reducing waste and labour costs. It allows quick and efficient pointing of brick inlay systems and brick slip panels, and is equally effective for matching and repointing existing brickwork. Offsite production is seen by many as a more sustainable method of construction because everything is made under strict factory conditions, allowing optimisation of the process and the most efficient use of materials.


Mike May, Sales Manager for Mortars Europe, comments: “We’re continuously looking at how we can enhance the performance, durability and consistency of our mortars to meet market demand. The off-site market is booming, but precast manufacturers and architectural specifiers are limited in their choice of mortars. The arrival of CEMEX ONPOINT now enables precast manufacturers and specialist designers the ability to dramatically enhance aesthetics and increase the kerb appeal of their buildings via quick and easy gun injction application, which also cuts down on wasted material.”


“Our wide range of colours also make CEMEX ONPOINT the ideal mortar to support sustainable retrofit and restoration. On heritage projects we can now accurately colour-match existing mortars for repointing and maintenance work. Our existing buildings account for more than 35% of the world’s energy consumption, so solutions like CEMEX ONPOINT can significantly contribute to a more efficient built environment and a better future for all.”


All CEMEX Mortars comply with the requirements of BS EN 998-2 and the complete range of masonry mortars have been verified against a prescribed range of initial type tests such as durability, bond strength, fire protection and strength criteria.


ONPOINT is the latest addition to CEMEX’s broader Urbanisation Solutions business, which is constantly innovating to provide customers with a broad range of sustainable solutions for the challenges of urbanisation, with a central focus at all times on the Future In Action strategy - committed to Net Zero CO2.

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