New cone crusher module from Swedish Maskin Mekano

The ambition of the new modular concept from Maskin Mekano is to combine the best from stationary plants with the flexibility of a mobile plant. In production, these machine units on their high jacking legs resemble stationary plants while being very easy to move between different workplaces. With modules for feeding, crushing, and screening by Maskin Mekano, it is easy to create an optimized plant with high capacity that is also sustainable, safe, and versatile.

Maskin Mekano's program of modular machines is characterized by:

  • Electric drive
  • Interlocking control systems and emergency stop loops
  • User-friendly and safe service work
  • Secure establishment and de-establishment
  • No removal of machine parts before moving
  • Loading and unloading without lifting assistance
  • Transport width <3.0 m, i.e. no need for an accompanying car


The CH440-PS cone crusher is an important cog in Maskin Mekano's in modular range, where there is a VSI crusher, feeder stations and screening units. The machine is a conveyor in/conveyor out version with a pre-screen and it is equipped with an on-board return conveyor that makes it compatible with Maskin Mekano's final screen SH 1503 for closed circuit. With this launch, Maskin Mekano is seriously back as a supplier of well-built crushing plants.

Material flow

The CH440-PS is equipped with Sandvik's CH440 cone crusher. Before entering the crusher, the material is loaded on a pre-screen with an on-board conveyor that either takes a 0-size material out of the process or runs the material by-pass to the conveyor under the crusher. The crushed material is loaded to the docked screen SH 1503 and the return is handled with an on-board swivel conveyor.

Easy to transport

The CH440-PS is transported on a jumbo trailer or a machine trailer. It is loaded completely without lifting help, the trailer is reversed in between the machine's jacking legs. After the machine is lowered onto the platform, the legs fold to 3.0 m width. The transport therefore does not require an accompanying car.

The hydraulic unit has a battery pack and 24-V system which means that loading and unloading can be carried out without power from the mains or generator.

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