New Enerpac XC2-Series redefines battery-powered Hydraulic Pump performance and usability

Enerpac continues to raise the performance of its range of battery powered pumps with the announcement of the XC2-Series cordless hydraulic pumps. The new pumps offer higher speeds, longer battery run-times and greater oil capacity allowing larger tool and multiple cylinder applications to be undertaken on a single charge.

Powered by a high-capacity 54 Volt battery, the XC2 pump matches the speed of a 0,37 kW electric pump with the added benefit of cordless convenience, eliminating the need for extension cords and noisy and emission producing generators. With the XC2 pump, managing cable trip risks are eliminated and environmental health and safety concerns significantly reduced. 

More projects on a single battery charge

The XC2 pump’s brushless motor provides twice the life of brushed motors and high-flow rates for increased productivity, allowing significant work completions on a single battery charge. In addition to increasing engineer efficiency, it also enables a more flexible approach to completing projects.  Available in either 2 or 4 litres oil capacity, the 4 litre XC2 pump can be used with larger and multiple cylinders, up to four 50 ton cylinders, two 75 ton cylinders or a single 100 ton cylinder, for example. 

XC2-Series manual valve models also include a variable speed trigger enabling greater control of tool or cylinder movement. The pump’s bladder reservoir design reduces the risk of contamination and allows pump use in any position; ideal for projects where access and working space are limited. 

The XC2 pumps are highly portable with weights ranging from 11.9kg to 16.8kg depending on valve function and oil capacity, effectively bringing previously difficult to service remote projects within easy reach. They also include integrated steel rings to attach the accessory carry strap.

The XC2-Series 54 Volt fast battery charger minimises downtime with a 1.5 hour charge cycle. An LED display provides charge status, over temperature and damaged battery indication.

Heavy duty pendant controls

Heavy-duty pendants are used to operate any Enerpac XC2-Series pump. Easy to connect or disconnect when not required, the pendants feature large buttons, an over moulded grip, lanyard loop and hanger magnet. Multiple seals within the pendant provide IP64 environmental protection. When working in confined spaces where using any cord can be problematic, the pendant control is easily detached, and the pump operated by the trigger.

Torque specific model available

For bolting applications, there is the XC-2 cordless torque wrench pump featuring an adjustable pressure relief valve which can be locked when the desired pressure is set. It can be used with a wide range of torque wrenches and features a 100 mm glycerine-filled pressure gauge for easy viewing and a 6 metre detachable pendant control.

Stay Connected - Enerpac Connect

The Enerpac Connect app gives XC2-Series pump users a complete picture of the tool and its usage, both important factors in job safety and productivity. Using either a SmartPhone or tablet, XC2-Series owners can scan the QR code on the pump nameplate for instant access to product specifications, manuals, videos, job specific usage data, and wireless firmware updates through smart enabled tool technology.

Redefining Pump Portability, Usability and Efficiency

“The XC2-Series cordless hydraulic pumps demonstrate the focus that Enerpac is offering customers in terms of portability, usability and enhanced job performance. The increases in speed, battery runtime, and oil capacity compared to the previous XC-Series is where the XC2-Series excels,” says Angie Wallace Global Product Manager, Enerpac. 

We’re translating our outstanding pump innovation and technology into tangible customer benefits designed to improve competitiveness and service delivery, as well as providing the ability to take on larger and higher cycle applications with a cordless pump.”

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Photo 1: The Enerpac XC2-Series cordless hydraulic pump.

Photo 2: Enerpac XC2-Series battery-powered pump for the more demanding projects.

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