New Mineral Waste Processing Methods

Doppstadt, the environmental specialist, expands its market activities. Once again, it is a global challenge that gave the enterprise reason to extend the product range.

In the seventies, it was waste disposal and management which required new solutions when Germany turned into a throwaway society. At that time, Doppstadt started developing machine solutions for the shredding, screening and washing of various materials such garbage, industrial waste, biowaste, waste wood and excavated earth – thus helping to solve the global waste problem.

Now society faces a new challenge: the worldwide demand for raw materials increases, but resources are finite. This conflict can only be solved by means of sustainable processing and recycling technologies. For the Doppstadt enterprise, this is a motive to launch machines and technologies on the market for the processing and excavation of mineral mine waste dump because these materials must also be shredded, separated and washed. For many years, Doppstadt has set the tone when it comes to recycling methods. In recent years, they have also developed procedures for the separation of mixtures of materials in the construction materials industry. Furthermore, the enterprise wants to achieve substantial improvements for the economic efficiency of the present screening procedures in stone quarries.

Methods to separate mixtures that could not be sorted into re-usable fractions so far are of great importance in order to reduce or avoid landfilling. After all, more than 50 per cent of the German waste comes from demolition and removal. Even in natural stone quarries, the environmental specialist’s solutions help to extend the lifetime of the quarries because the raw material fraction can be utilized much more efficiently. The enterprise regards the solutions to problems that could not be solved so far as its core competencies – such as the reduction of MSW landfills. The aim is to completely supersede landfills one day. 

At the beginning of April, Doppstadt will inform the visitors about processing methods at the worlds leading construction machinery trade fair, the bauma in Munich, Hall B5, booth 538/539.

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