New Ship Loader Cabin for Foster Yeoman at Glensanda.

Wright Engineering of Worksop, Nottinghamshire have recently supplied a new ship loader operating cabin for harbour operations at Foster Yeoman’s Glensanda Quarry at Oban, Scotland.

Located on a 2,400 hectare estate on the remote West of Scotland, Glensanda is one of the largest hard rock quarry operations in Europe. It has in excess of 75 years of reserves at current production rates.  Its innovative quarrying methods and its dedicated shipping fleet efficiently produce and deliver crushed rock aggregate throughout Europe with the minimum of environmental impact. 

Glensanda is connected to the sea by a 200 metre deep channel and provides a sheltered berth 24 hours each and every day for vessels with a draught of up to 14 metres.
The quarry provides a high quality, durable granite which is the ideal product for use in all types of civil engineering projects; currently Glensanda produces 6.8 million tonnes per annum, and areas have been designed to be able to produce up to 15 million tonnes in the future.
Reclaim, blending and ship loading facilities are rated at 6,000 tonnes per hour throughout, which means that a typical 86,000 tonne cargo can be loaded at the harbour in under 24 hours.

Wright replaced a basic existing cabin with a custom designed, double skinned & insulated operator’s cabin which was mounted to an existing tubular column with minor modifications to accept the new larger version.

A galvanised support frame & hand railing provide the infrastructure for the new 3.5mtr long x 2.0mtr wide x 2.5 mtr high cabin.

Painted to marine specification the cabin features double glazed windows throughout with the upper windows tinted, and crash protection to the lower ones.
Inside the cabin the operator is afforded a tip-up observation seat, windscreen wipers & washers, air conditioning system (cooling and heating) and a Hepa Filtration System.

A Gessman KST4 control chair with integrated joy-stick controls provide the operator with full control of the slew, feed rate and control of the conveyor extension which provides direct feed into the ship hold.
Additionally a bezel mounted tracker ball (mouse) mounted in the arm provides screen control on a 19" TFT screen providing a direct interface with the main quarry computer system      

Communication to ship and plant is completed with VHF and UHF radios.

Colin MacFarlane, Glensanda Quarry’s Electrical Manager commented, "the replacement control cabin has provided a much improved work environment for our operators along with improvements in shiploading operations. The high standard of cabin design, manufacture and installation planning by Wright Engineering ensured that the cabin was installed and commissioned well within the time allocated for the changeover, avoiding any costly delay’s to our shipping programme."

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