New Software Gets Results At Welsh Recycling Company

A new software system at Welsh waste collection, recycling and disposal business LAS Recycling Ltd has improved the efficiency of collections, enhanced customer service and supported the company’s expansion.

Tina Morris, Financial Director, LAS Recycling said: “It’s so user friendly and does so much more than our old system, which was very long-winded. We have a lot of new business coming on-board and we need software that can keep up. This new system can produce reports, plan and track collections, and produce invoices automatically. It also has lots of additional features that mean we can provide a better service to our customers.”

Established in 1963 LAS Recycling operates a fleet of 11 vehicles comprising Artic lorries, skip loaders, RORO Skips, a Rear End Loader and Refuse Collection Vehicles (RCVs).

The new software is PurGo, from VWS Software Solutions, and has been designed specifically for waste and recycling operators. It uses in-cab PDAs, equipped with SatNav and GPS tracking, to replace traditional administrative processes and paperwork. LAS Recycling’s RCV’s are also equipped with the ENVIROWEIGH bin-weighing system from Vehicle Weighing Solutions (VWS), which integrates seamlessly with the software.

Tina comments: “As soon as a bin is weighed our customers receive an automatic notification telling them precisely what it weighs. It has highlighted those customers who need further attention and opened doors for other services such as our weekly food and glass collections, which are growing fast.”

PurGo is a scalable, modular system, which can be tailored to a business’s individual operational needs. There are a wide range of additional features such as automatic notifications sent to customers when a collection vehicle or skip is on its way or has arrived on site.

Tina added: “The customers love it and it doesn’t take up any of our time. It’s adding value to the services we provide at no extra cost.”

Julian Glasspole, Managing Director, VWS said: “We are delighted that our integrated bin weighing and software solution is having such a positive impact at LAS Recycling. By accurately monitoring each collection and identifying those heavy or overweight bins that were losing money, they can charge appropriately and operate a more profitable business.”

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