New Wastemaster Training Standards to Drive Safety and Efficient Operations Onsite

Many civil amenity sites face challenges when it comes to safely and effectively compacting waste materials in containers. With the public being present on these sites and the varying types of waste materials from wood to cardboard and metal to green waste - compaction and decontamination pose a daily problem.

Sites generally have limited space and they have a one size fits all machine that is expected to complete all tasks including decontamination, compaction, movement of containers and housekeeping roles including transfer and sweeping of materials. At busy times, site operatives have the pressure of maintaining available containers whilst supporting members of the public to dispose of their waste materials correctly.

Setting the Standard

The primary concern is always the safety of all, followed by the effectiveness and efficiency of the operation. In our experience, more and more companies in the waste recycling industry are tackling the industries safety reputation head on and increasingly looking at ways to improve. An example of this is the drive to improve the training standards of their industry, with many waste recycling companies collaborating and working with EU Skills to develop high level training standards that are relevant to the operational duties completed by machinery on their site.

The Challenges of Evolution

We have seen classic mobile plant equipment evolve in the 30 plus years that we have been delivering training and the challenge is always ensuring that those responsible for operating - these now diverse items of plant with their many associated attachments – are trained to do so correctly to a standard that is fit for purpose and covers the relevant learning and testing outcomes.

Rather than using one machine beyond its remit for a range of operations on site increasing the chance of an accident happening, this is where we see the Wastemaster succeed. It allows for many operations to be carried out due to the large number of attachments used. E.g. front end bucket to transfer material in bulk, hooklift to lift rolling containers, compactor and jaw bucker to compact and open to grab material and re-place and sweepers to sweep the floor.

The newly launched EU Skills training standard for the JCB Wastemaster ensures that employers can access courses from accredited training providers like ourselves to train operatives in the correct methods for using this item of plant in its full capacity and waste compaction takes centre stage in the course content.

Through consultation with one of the UK’s leading waste recycling employers and JCB, we have developed a course that is specifically designed for those who operate the JCB 5CX Wastemaster – accredited by EU Skills this course will ensure that upon successful completion operators will be able to:

  • Prepare equipment ready for use
  • Correctly mount, dismount and operate the equipment correctly and safely
  • Use all features of the equipment correctly including the stabiliser legs and backhoe arm
  • Understand the importance of segregating materials
  • Load a container and move the container using a hook attachment
  • Identify and select the appropriate attachments for the equipment and its operation
  • Demonstrate the correct shutdown procedures

Our in-depth training allows out instructors to delve into thorough detail on how to effectively use the machinery to its full potential, with elements tailored specifically for customer sites.

To find out more about the EU Skills accreditation for the waste recycling industry and the equipment operator training courses we offer – please speak to one of our team on 01246 386900.

Bespoke courses – if you have a training challenge onsite and need support or believe there is a need for a specific training standard, we are happy to help.

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