NORD DRIVESYSTEMS UK gain ISO14001: 2004 Environmental Management System

NORD DRIVESYSTEMS’ UK sales and assembly facility has achieved ISO 14001: 2004 accreditation by LRQA following approval of its Environmental Management System (EMS). The internationally recognised EMS standard provides a framework for best practice for the efficient use of energy and raw materials along with many other important environmental factors such as waste reduction managed within its continuous improvement programme. The EMS standard also helps to ensure that current and potential future legislation is met and that the better use of resources, in turn, help reduce costs.

NORD is one of only a few global geared motor manufacturers with ISO 14001 accreditation which has been achieved in part with a programme of company-wide training on efficient energy and materials management. The approval reflects NORD’s long term commitment to eco-friendly manufacturing and management. Andrew Stephenson, NORD Gear’s managing director is delighted to have achieved the standard. “NORD DRIVESYSTEMS is at the forefront of efficient drive technology from the perspectives of manufacturing efficiently as well as producing products that are in themselves energy efficient. The accreditation is an example that helps to consolidate our commitment to these principles.”

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