One of the North West’s leading waste management businesses renews its fleet with Marubeni-Komatsu

“If the plant’s down, we stop – and we can’t afford for that to happen. Having up-to-date, well serviced machines is absolutely essential for us.”

Marubeni-Komatsu customer CCC Waste Management is one of the North West’s leading waste management operations and a family business success story.
The business is today run by Sean Munro, who continues to grow the business his father started back in 1986.

Originally CCC Waste was a haulage and excavation business, but over recent years the operation has expanded and changed focus. Today CCC Waste has three key areas of operation – recycled aggregates, waste management and skip hire.

Renewing the Fleet
As their recycled aggregates business plays such an important part in their operation, CCC Waste recently made the decision to renew their fleet of excavators and wheel loaders. Having been impressed with their previous Komatsu machines, they discussed their requirements with the team at Marubeni-Komatsu and subsequently placed an order for 10 new machines.

CCC Waste’s new fleet is now made up of four WA470 Wheel Loaders (with full waste handler spec), four PC210LC Hydraulic Excavators and two PC138US Short Tail Swing Excavators.
All these machines are in daily use on their 20-acre site, but are also available to be hired out for use on customer sites as required.

All the new machines were delivered during May “It was a wonderful month” said CCC Waste’s Sales & Marketing Manager, Peter Cronin.

“Every few days, more brand new equipment would arrive from Marubeni-Komatsu. It seemed a shame to have to get them dirty” he commented.

The machines were chosen to replace their existing Komatsu machines, as they were keen to ensure they maintained an efficient, working fleet. “If the plant’s down, we stop – and we can’t afford for that to happen. So having new, up-to-date, well serviced, well maintained machines is absolutely essential for us. We’d never had any major issues with the old machines but this timely management of our fleet will ensure the on-going efficiency of our operations. A machine not working for even a single day can have a considerable knock-on effect on the productivity of the site” explained Peter.

Their selection criteria was pretty simple. Peter explains; “The machines have to be very reliable - ideally never breaking down, they must be suitable for the job with the right specification - which Komatsu always has been, and a quality sales and aftersales service is essential to us. Then lastly the Marubeni- Komatsu maintenance deal gives us the reassurance of knowing the machines will always be serviced to full Komatsu specifications. And should a machine break down, we know we’ll have a fitter on-site right away to resolve the problem. That way the machines are nearly always in operation.”

So again it’s Komatsu’s renowned reliability and aftersales service that proved the deciding factor for CCC Waste, in keeping their business operational and productive at all times.

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