Operator Identification Made Easy

Today the greater number of operators using materials handling equipment and workplace transport are increasing the risk of accidents and making it harder to administer an efficient and effective approach to monitor and manage which delegate is trained on each piece of equipment.

HSE records have identified that every year around 70 people are killed and 2000 or more are seriously injured in accidents involving workplace transport. In many of these cases it has been found that the operator of the equipment has not been adequately trained in the safe use and operation of the equipment they are using. This can have catastrophic consequences for the people involved and for their employer.

To make operator identification easier, Mentor are now offering optional photographic identification badges as an addition to the certificates that delegates will receive when successfully completing an accredited training course with Mentor. This new scheme is aimed at all companies who have operators of MHE equipment and workplace transport as an additional safety measure to ensure that operators using the equipment are fully trained and regularly refreshed and retested.

The plastic credit card sized badges contain all of the information required to verify that a person operating a piece of equipment is adequately trained to do so. This allows managers and supervisors to carry out spot checks and also enforce their refresher training policies.

For large operations, Mentor can offer a customised identification badge to suit the company's specific needs. The Mentor ID badges are already being widely adopted by many of Mentor's existing customers.

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