Permanent or Electro Overband Magnet selection

The popular Overband Magnet separates ferrous metals from conveyed materials with a magnetic field generated by either permanent magnets or an electromagnetic coil.  The two designs suit different applications...

Bunting is one of the world’s leading designers and manufacturers of magnetic separators for the recycling and waste industries.

Overband Magnet selection is always application specific and related to the installation as well as the ferrous metal separation objective.

Separating ferrous metal to protect crushers, shredders, and granulators is critical and requires the strongest Overband Magnet, which is preferably electromagnetic.  The recovery of steel and ferrous metal for recycling is less critical, leading to a permanent Overband Magnet.

Also, long ferrous metal rods and steel beverage cans are easier to separate than small ferrous nuts, etc leading to the use of a permanent Overband Magnet.  Electro Overband Magnets are preferable for smaller ferrous metal separation.

Deep burdens of conveyed material mean suspension heights are high, thus needing the strong and deep magnetic forces of an electro Overband Magnet.  Permanent Overband Magnet designs producing deep magnetic fields are exceptionally large and heavy, making installation costly and difficult.

For many installations, such as mobile plant, weight is a critical factor and permanent Overband Magnets are generally lighter.  The lighter and compact range of ElectroMax Overband Magnets bridge the gap between the permanent and electro Overband Magnets, featuring a stronger magnetic field for enhanced ferrous metals separation.

Permanent Overband Magnets only need power to drive the self-cleaning belt electric or hydraulic motor, compared with an Electro Overband Magnets requiring kilowatts of electrical power to generate the magnetic field.

For applications where the Overband Magnet requires switching off, the only option is the Electro Overband Magnet.

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