Portable Vacuum Solutions turn to manufacturing their own vacuum units

Portable Vacuum Solutions has started to build their own vacuum units. With a hire fleet in excess of sixty machines and buoyant sales, the question of what happens after BREXIT and the possibly uncertain availability of new vacuum units for sale and to replace aging machines, is the main reason for this move.

James Ilott is the Sales Manager of Portable Vacuum Solutions: “As part of the IBS Group, we have the engineering capability to manufacture our own machines. In-fact the first two that we built ourselves entered our hire fleet some months ago and are both working perfectly well.”

Designated the IBS FVP25HS, these are high performance, heavy duty vacuum units which, when fitted with a 75 mm pipe, can comfortably handle material up to 50mm along with sludges and oils. It can be supplied either mounted on a 1m³ skip or hopper-mounted for discharging into a FIBC.

With a conveying rate of 3 tonnes per hour, this is the ideal machine for everyday factory maintenance. Fixed vacuum outlets, which can be linked to the FVP25HS by 75mm pipework, are effective up to fifty metres away. Maintenance teams then need only to attach a flexible hose fitted with one of a range of different tools to routinely clean machine tools and floors or clear spillages. If required, Portable Vacuum Solutions can install all the necessary pipework.

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