ProSpare expands HQ to accommodate growth in business

Bulk materials handling equipment specialist ProSpare has opened a new, custom-built two-storey office block and warehousing unit at the site of its existing head offices to accommodate ambitious growth plans.

The Nottinghamshire-based firm will use the new unit, in Pinxton, to house its growing team of engineers, site fitters and expanded stockholding of components.

ProSpare specialises in helping to solve abrasion, impact, noise, material flow and dust containment problems in heavy industries, along with supplying hygienic powder handling equipment to the food, pharmaceutical and animal feed industries.

It is a sister company of ConSpare Ltd, which specialises in providing concrete production solutions.

Managing Director, James Bullock, said: “We have more than 40 years’ experience in the concrete production industry and a lot of the expertise we’ve built up over that time lends itself perfectly to the bulk handling sector.

“The products we supply and the engineering know-how we have built up means we can help businesses which handle bulk materials to take cost out of their manufacturing processes, maximise the efficiency and effectiveness of production equipment and bring about productivity, quality, safety and environmental performance improvements.

“We believe that ProSpare has tremendous growth potential. The new building signifies our commitment to the expansion of ProSpare and will provide enough dedicated space for its expanding team and product range to flourish.”

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