Raising the bar higher.

Today a large part of success in terms of company sales and profit relies on visibility and creating enquiries which lead to further business.

Visibility therefore is a daily key element of your business. Creating visibility can be a time consuming project and as an individual representing your company your time has to be prioritized to maximize ongoing projects and successfully managing them.

Also, in the current climate most companies do not have a full time dedicated marketing person which often results in sales people trying to fulfill a dual sales and marketing role. This scenario either achieves absolutely zero, or at best produces a diluted effort or a ‘knee jerk’ reaction to an outside demand for advertising/marketing that has not been properly thought through. The consequence of this is that valuable resources are spent in the wrong place and often at the wrong time.

John Vincent Marketing Services (JVMS) can resolve all these problems by fine tuning your marketing efforts by increasing your visibility and consequently creating more interest and enquiries for your business.

Acting in a proactive manner JVMS can effectively promote your current success and can fulfill and complete these needs by site visits and photography, your client interviewed and written up as a PR/Case history all at a very competitive cost.

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Associated Businesses

  • John Vincent Marketing Services provides specialist marketing services for the Bulk Materials Handling, Recycling and Quarrying Industries.We are qualified CAA approved drone pilots and can provide the complete package for your project...