Rapidmix Enables Reuse of Waste Fines for Gallagher Group.

Rapid International Ltd (County Armagh) has recently supplied Kent based Gallagher Group with a new Rapidmix 400CW mobile continuous mixing plant. The Rapidmix machine is operated primarily at the group’s Hermitage Quarry site and is also utilised on location if haulage presents an issue.

Established in 1973, privately owned Gallagher Group is one of Kent’s leading Building, Civil Engineering, Aggregates and Property Development companies. Having previously purchased a 3m3 Rapid pan mixer for installation in a concrete batching plant system, the company was already confident in Rapid’s mixing technology capabilities.

Gallagher’s Rapidmix plant is employed in the production of the company’s ‘Gallapave’ range of HBM (Hydraulically Bound Material) and RCC (Roller Compacted Concrete). HBM is used as sub-base and base course to replace traditional capping layer, type 1 sub-base and tarmacadam base course in road construction. The benefit of HBM is the reduction in road digging. This is in turn leads to reduced costs as less soil requires excavation and transportation to landfill. In addition, Geotextile membrane isn’t required. RCC is a semi dry concrete product that is a wearing surface used where strong pavement is required to stand up to massive loads and specialised equipment. Airport runways and aprons are particularly suited to RCC. RCC is also typically used for parking, storage and warehouse floors, container storage & handling, port pavements. RCC offers high flexural strength, doesn’t require forms or finishing and is fast and economical to produce.

Commenting on their purchase, Gallagher Group said, “With the Rapidmix 400CW we are using the waste fines from our fixed primary crushing plant for our HBM products, saving dump trucks moving fines and space in our landfill. The Rapidmix 400CW is a well-built piece of equipment but as with every piece of new equipment there is always minor initial teething problems. The customer service that Rapid International gave was second to none, most queries were resolved over the phone with the remote login access from head office in Northern Ireland.”

Victor Pickering, Rapid Sales - UK Mainland, remarked, “Rapid is delighted to have partnered with Gallagher Group on the purchase of the Rapidmix 400CW. The new Rapidmix has afforded Gallagher Group the opportunity to profit from its previously redundant waste fines and in turn broaden their supply of new materials, opening new market channels.”

Semi dry mixes, such as HBM and RCC, are typically less economical to produce in a conventional static batch plant. The Rapidmix mobile continuous mixing plant solves this problem as it is specifically designed for semi dry mixes, ensuring a high output of high quality homogenous material at all times. The on board high speed Rapid Twin Shaft mixer contains chill cast steel mixing paddles which are intermeshed in a specially phased relationship to optimise mixing action, whilst maximising throughput.

The new Rapidmix 400CW plant produces high quality controlled mixtures for utilisation in a range of Civil Engineering applications – from airport runways and contaminated land treatment to dam construction and soil stabilisation. The mobile nature of the plant combined with the technically advanced design is most advantageous in meeting the supply and demand requirements on projects. The Rapidmix 400CW provides a cost effective solution for projects where high specification compliance coupled with a high volume fast throughput are critical.

Fully mobile and self-contained, the Rapidmix 400CW from Rapid International offers a complete plant powered by its own power source, with on-board compressor and generator. Fitted with a self-erecting system, using hydraulics, the plant can change from travel mode to fully operational within a few hours. Available with outputs of up to 600 tonnes per hour, the Rapidmix provides feed rates that are fully adjustable for the aggregate, cement and water systems.

The recently updated unit incorporates full weighing options for all materials - aggregates, cement and water - which means the new generation Rapidmix 400 CW offers record keeping that is automated, precise and detailed. 

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