Recolight welcomes scheme membership growth

During 2022, a total of 22 companies joined Recolight’s widely acclaimed WEEE compliance scheme.  And from the beginning of 2023, another eight companies joined Recolight.

The new companies joining Recolight include TRT Lighting Ltd, Lumino Distribution Ltd, Llumarlite Ltd, Fotolec Technologies Ltd, Make and Test Ltd, XAL Ltd, Nitelux Ltd, J. Adams & Co.

Announcing the news, Recolight CEO Nigel Harvey said: “We are delighted that so many lighting companies have transferred their WEEE compliance to Recolight. The Recolight team works incredibly hard to make sure we provide great collection, recycling and reuse services to our members.  We have been instrumental in providing webinars, conferences and training workshops to drive sustainability within the industry.  So it is particularly pleasing that more and more companies are choosing to trust Recolight for their WEEE compliance”

2023 promises to be a pivotal year for WEEE, with a major Government review and consultation planned.   Recolight will be working with members, old and new, to ensure that the needs of the lighting industry are fully represented.

Recolight’s commitment to the Circular Economy and to protecting the environment are key drivers for new Members, as said:

“The core values Recolight are founded on and promote align very closely with ours at Llumarlite. We felt that becoming a member gives us a louder voice to engage and educate with the wider business community helping to promote and deliver lighting projects based on circular economy principles and Remanufacturing. The team at Recolight are the perfect partners for us to drive the message of reducing waste, materials and energy through their communications and events.”Kevin Stubbs FSLL Technical Sales Manager at Llumarlite Ltd

‘’Recolight’s blend of being influentially involved in the arena of circularity, offering competitive WEEE fees and a first rate lighting recycling service, as well as their well respected reputation all lead to TRT becoming a Recolight WEEE Compliance Member from 2023. We trust that fostering a partnership together will enhance the overall attractiveness that TRT offers to our customer, whilst also being a logical and cost effective move for us.’’ Rob Waters, Technical Director, TRT Lighting

“By offering a free recycling service to our Members and end users, Recolight has always been able to state that they are the WEEE compliance Scheme that gives more.” said Suzanne Castine, Recolight Marketing Manager. “We now offer more than just recycling; working with the lighting industry to deliver Circular Economy webinars, training workshops, and conferences. We are seeing tenders emerge specifying reconditioning and reuse of luminaires in a project, and specifiers asking for environmental metrics of new products.  It’s becoming clear that that companies who aren’t able to provide this will be at a significant commercial disadvantage.”

The opportunities and challenges for remanufacture in the lighting industry will be addressed in a Recolight conference on 27 April in London.

The Recolight WEEE scheme Producer Members range from the world’s largest lighting companies, to small start-ups. 

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