Rubble MasterĀ® proves its worth deep in the forest.

Deep in the forest a Rubble Master® RM70GO! 2.0 is changing the way that stone is processed for forest roads.

Scott Young and Sons Ltd (SYS) are experienced forestry contractors when it comes to processing stone for the Forestry Industry and their investment in this new machine has made the process more efficient with less financial outlay on aggregate for the construction and maintenance of busy haul roads in the forests.

Supplied by Taylor & Braithwaite (T&B) who are the northern distributor for the brand; SYS invested in the Rubble Master® RM70GO! 2.0 after experiencing a ‘game-changing’ demonstration.

Kevin Bell – Area Sales Manager of T&B, takes up the story, “We organised a demonstration for SYS and from the outset it was clear what advantages the RM70GO! 2.0 has in terms of performance, as it supplies all needs in terms of power and handling. In this specific application it eliminates expensive haulage costs into the forest as it weighs in at 19.5 tonnes and as it is under 3metres width it doesn’t require a special movement order.”

Kevin, continued, “With a impactor on board the machine is being fed with a mix of very hard whinstone, which is very abrasive and similar to granite, which when processed provides a lot more fines which are ideal for road construction. It is capable of up to 200tph and is currently being operated at 130-150tph dependant on feed. With a belt-weigher fitted, SYS are now in a unique position where they can process the exact tonnage their client requires for a specific road at a required location. This approach eliminates the huge financial outlay of big crushers in a local quarry processing up to 200,000 tonnes to stockpile for a project which then requires further transport.”

“Maintenance is easy and straight forward with access from ground level and the RM70GO! 2.0 has also been supplied with a crusher hammer changing system.”

“It is providing great throughput, efficient diesel usage (saving up to 20 litres/hr) and a better end-product, it’s simply a game changer for SYS.”

Kevin, also pointed out, “We have proved the effectiveness of the Rubble Master® brand on numerous occasions as in a recent quarry demonstration, the Rubble Master® proved it could efficiently process and produce a better end-product at less operating cost than a combined jaw and a cone.”

Powerful, reliable and profitable:
Suitable for an extremely wide range of industry applications there are 6 models in the range ranging from between 12-35 tonnes with the RM70GO! 2.0 being the second tier in the series. Ready for use in minutes the Rubble Master® range can process all kinds of materials such as rubble, concrete, asphalt, glass, coal natural stone and even reinforced concrete quickly and efficiently to make high-quality building materials. The RM70GO! 2.0 also excels through low wear costs and high productivity and with the incorporation of an integral release system ensures that downtime is kept to a minimum.

Scott Young – MD of SYS, commented, “I first encountered the Rubble Master® some years ago at the Hillhead exhibition but initially dismissed as it wasn’t a priority at the time. Even when the machine was delivered for demonstration I wasn’t convinced as it’s a very small compact machine; but as soon as we started processing I changed my views completely. I’ve been in the business since I was 15 and spent all my life in the industry and witnessed many changes in equipment so for me this machine has transformed what we can achieve and offer to our clients.”

Scott continued, “Traffic in the forests is increasing on haul roads and the maintenance of these roads is becoming more important as the trucks get larger and the loads heavier. But with a good haul road you can halve the journey times and increase the effectiveness of the working day. The Forestry Industry can no longer accept the old way of compacted stone and now need to construct a good pavement for the trucks. The Rubble Master® is going to significantly change what I can offer to them, backed by a sound argument and a significant decrease in their production costs and still supply a high-quality end-product at any location which will make a massive difference to their carbon footprint!”

Ian Burton – Sales Director of T&B, commented, “It’s a great machine at a very competitive price and offers many advantages for SYS which they realised pretty quickly. To date we have now sold 6 machines and everyone has been impressed with the build quality of the Rubble Master® machines. When we took the dealership, we knew we had a range of machines between 12-35 tonnes that were sector leaders in the compact class of mobile processing. The brand has brought together high performance and intuitive operation plus a compact design from the beginning, based on 25 years-experience in the field of compact crushing.”

Scott, concluded, “We have been a customer of T&B for 10 years and purchased many machines from them and have developed a relationship which has been based on continued service and support which has given us confidence in our daily operations. Purchasing the RM70GO! 2.0 has been a very good decision for us and the future is certainly Rubble Master®!

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