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Why companies have been relying on RM for decades...

RM started its success story 30 years ago. Large corporations, family-owned businesses as well as one-man companies rely on the high product quality and advanced technology of RM crushers and screens. Three Austrian company owners describe why they have been part of the RM family for more than 20 years and what is so special about the service provided by the Linz-based crushing and screening experts.

"At RM, the product is just right, you receive good service and you have the personal contact. I will definitely stay with RUBBLE MASTER if I know that I can rely on everything like that," says Helmut Hauser, owner of Hauser Transporte GmbH based in Stumm in Zillertal. The RM 90GO!, his fourth RM crusher, was handed over to him by Max Keplinger, RM account manager for Tirol and Vorarlberg, in spring this year. Hauser is particularly enthusiastic about the single deck mesh screen and the pivoting refeeding belt: "The mesh screen is easy to operate and can be transported together with the crusher. We simply unload our RUBBLE MASTER at the job site and can start crushing."

In addition, RM crushers are extremely versatile. You can't do that with other crushers," says Hauser. The RM crusher recycles C&D waste, concrete and asphalt around 500 hours a year, and granite or limestone for another 500 hours. Thanks to their compact size, RM crushers are also ideal for job sites that are difficult to access, as the photo of the Hintertux glacier shows, where rock was processed to produce road gravel. Hauser entered the processing business in 2001 when they purchased an RM 80. This area now accounts for 20% of the firm's business. The family-owned company now employs 40 people.

The service at RM works 100 percent!
Günter Prast, Managing Director of Halbeisen & Prast KG in Dornbirn, tells a similar story: "Service has an extremely high priority at RM, who have had a 24-hour service hotline since the beginning, something very few suppliers offered 20 years ago. In addition, at RUBBLE MASTER someone who knows what they are talking about answers your call; few manufacturers have that either. Every spare part arrives within 24 hours, which is really sensational. We have a lot of comparisons with products and service provided by other suppliers, which is why we always choose RUBBLE MASTER." Prast still remembers buying his first RM crusher in 1999. That was when he watched RM founder and CEO Gerald Hanisch at a machine demonstration with the RM 60, which later became Prast's first RM crusher. For the Vorarlberg company, it was the entry into a new niche. Since then, processing accounts for around 50 % of the total volume of Halbeisen & Prast KG. The RM crusher is in operation for around 1000 hours per year. This spring, they invested in the latest technology to be able to operate in the mountains with a Euro V engine. At Halbeisen & Prast, however, natural stone processing accounts for only about 20 % of the volume. Most of the time, his new RM 90GO! recycles C&D waste and asphalt in the greater Dornbirn area. Business is doing well. In the past four years, around 20 new employees have joined the company, which now employs 45 people.

The RUBBLE MASTER springs into action when you need it
"I only buy machines that I know are reliable, and everything works in terms of service and spare parts." says Hermann Dünser from Bizau. As a two-person company in the Bregenz Forest region, the reliability of the machines is particularly important to Dünser. Most of his jobs are for private customers, with small commercial companies and municipal operations accounting for around 20 % each. "If I have to transport 200 m³ of rubble and then bring new material to the job site, it costs me too much time. My own crusher makes me more flexible. The RUBBLE MASTER crushers are very handy, easy to transport and ready for immediate use. They are also convenient for small business owners like me. If I ever need spare parts, RM always has them in stock and they send me the right part," says Dünser, who is also extremely enthusiastic about the throughput of RM crushers: "They are awesome. The throughput is unique in this weight class!" That was already the case with his first RM 60 crusher twenty years ago. In 2007, he switched to the larger RM 80 model before recently upgrading to a previously owned RM 90GO!

Even though Dünser only uses the RM 90GO! for around 200 hours a year, it pays off for the 52-year-old business owner: "My depot is quite small, so it is practical if I can reuse material on-site straight away. Otherwise, I would have to pay landfill fees for construction and demolition waste. The crusher enables me to turn this waste into valuable raw material again. RM impact crushers produce high-quality material with well-defined edges. This creates a material cycle," says Dünser, illustrating one of the key philosophies that has driven RUBBLE MASTER since its inception in 1991: Sustainable materials management using clever crushers and screens to conserve resources and protect the environment. 

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