Rulmeca Frames - a new standard.

Rulmeca, as a leading manufacturer of components for bulk material handling, is always committed to improving the quality of products and Customers service.

Today, Rulmeca presents a new transom design and a new product range.

New Rulmeca frames were completely re-designed: they keep the same strenght, but they are lighter. Thanks to the tubular crossmember, the new Rulmeca transom keeps the same mechanical performance, but with a relevant mass reduction.

All the transom components were re-engineered to provide optimal design, for every load condition.

Rulmeca presents a solution with a tubular cross-member, which provides best balance between mechanical strength and weight.

The Rulmeca frames are designed and tested to withstand the most severe conditions: crossmember size starts from 40 mm diameter up to 90 mm diameter.

The new side supports prevent the accumulation of material on the belt side, protecting the rollers from the intrusion of foreign particles, thanks to the “Antiblocking” shape.

The alignment of rollers and supports is guaranteed for unidirectional frames: the tilt angle is obtained by rotating the supports around the crossmember.

Traditional bolted fixing brackets are available or a practical clamp, which does not require holes on the structure.

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