Sany break all delivery records

Recently, the delivery time of 4 units of large excavators SY750H to a customer in Thailand was shortened within 45 days, which sets a new record and once again demonstrates SANY's strong R&D and problem-solving ability. This successful handover is also an epitome of SANY's rapid development of international business based on "Efficiency First" work attitude.

As the customer's dump trucks are different from the common models, SANY quickly initiated a backup plan to customize the long arm and narrow bucket to meet the loading requirement. After multiple rounds of discussions with the customer, an agreement to the configuration was reached and the customer placed the order on April 10.

To speed up the delivery, SANY pushed forward the development of self-designed parts and sought outsourcing parts at the same time, and compressed the test cycle by multi-body system simulation. Through those efforts, the project was finally completed in advance on May 26.

"Though the domestic demands for excavators outweighed the supply and we were under huge production pressure at that time, we still ensured this delivery on time," said Gao Pengfei, dean of the international research institute for large excavator.

Customer's coal mine in Thailand
Thanks to the strong support from domestic, the sales team in Thailand is advancing bravely, and the market share of the SANY excavator has ranked first for three consecutive months in Thailand market.

Remaining true to the original inspiration, SANY continue to provide world-class heavy equipment for global customers.

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