Save up to 25% on fuel with RM machines

Electrification expert RM Group launches innovations at bauma for cost effective and efficient crushing and screening…

RUBBLE MASTER has been powering its mobile processing plants with electricity for decades. Using this expertise, RM Group continuously sets standards in the energy efficiency and cost effectiveness of its machines. That is why with the tagline "Meet the future", RM Group is already displaying technology at this year's bauma that is still a dream of the future for others. And with the revolutionary new development of the RM H50X hybrid screen, customers are saving even more fuel costs. In addition, the RM XSMART software solution and other new digital innovations demonstrate how operators and machines can network intelligently to get even higher output. As a result, mobile RM crushers and screens can be combined in a versatile, flexible and efficient way. But the best is only the start: because in order to be able to offer perfectly matched crushing and screening trains, RM customers can look forward to another product innovation.

“Meet the future” at stand B2.236 and 12B.B12.11 and at our sales partners C. Christophel GmbH and Jürgen Kölsch GmbH at stand FN.1024/1

Electrification benefits customers and the environment

Even at a time before steadily rising fuel prices, the electrification of RM machines was a key economic as well as ecological argument. As part of the RM NEXT philosophy, the RM Group is consistently supporting electrification and offers all of its crushers and screens as hybrid versions as a matter of principle. These machines can also be operated fully electrically. A special focus is on combining machines to form crushing and screening trains so they can be operated together. This means, for example, that the crusher can also power the screen. That is how customers can save time and money because they only need to refuel and service one engine. RM hybrid machines consume up to 25 percent less fuel than diesel-direct systems. If a crusher equipped with a hybrid drive system also powers an electric screen - a standard set-up with RM - even greater savings can be achieved. With this technology the savings are much higher than with conventional diesel-hydraulic systems. Another advantage, in addition to lower operating costs, is that the machines can be used in emissions-sensitive areas. At bauma, RM demonstrates the many capabilities offered by using its electric-powered crushers and screens.

From stand-alone crushers and screens to complex crushing and screening trains: the best solution for every application 

RUBBLE MASTER created the market for compact crushers more than 30 years ago, moving on-site recycling of C&D waste away from the niche and developing it into a profitable business model worldwide. Decades of expertise in crushing and electrification were later joined by screening equipment. RM NEXT mobile processing machines have raised the bar to a completely new level of efficiency in recent years. In the meantime, RM Group offers highly efficient, custom-built and integrated solutions ranging from stand-alone machines to complex trains consisting of crushers, screens and stockpile belts. This enables the customer to successfully build up its business in the recycling and natural stone processing sectors and to grow with RUBBLE MASTER. In addition to the many ways in which RM products can be deployed and combined, the RM Group will be displaying two completely new developments at bauma that represent a key expansion to the product range.

Presenting two revolutionary new product developments

In addition to ease of operation, RM NEXT focuses on even greater efficiency and electrification, enhanced safety for operators, even easier operation, modularisation, and even better service provided through digitalisation. Now, two more products have been developed from the ground up according to the RM NEXT philosophy, significantly expanding the product range: the new RM H50X scalper, which will be exhibited at bauma, and the RM J110X jaw crusher. An incredible number of ideas and customer specifications have gone into both products, elevating processing machines to a completely new level. It goes without saying that both machines have been developed with hybrid drive systems from the outset and equipped with the latest digital solutions to offer operators even greater energy efficiency, productivity and reliability for the future. Over the next few weeks leading up to bauma, more details on the new products will be revealed step by step through RM social media channels. Follow the latest updates on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube!

The future has already begun: digital solutions and networked machines increase efficiency

In addition to electrification, RM Group focuses intensively on digitalisation to give customers a full overview of their machines while operating even more efficiently. Using the RM XSMART app, machine operators can network with their machines either using an app on their mobile devices, or by using the browser app. Fleet management, condition monitoring, end-to-end reporting, and troubleshooting support make everyday life much easier and, at the same time, increase productivity.

RUBBLE MASTER, however, goes one step further by networking the machines with each other. In a networked crushing and screening train, the machines can communicate with each other so that they can adjust their output to the utilisation of the upstream and downstream units or react to an event such as one of the machines in the train switching off. This means that machines are not overloaded, nor do they run idle. That is why autonomous crushing and screening is the next logical step RM Group will be presenting in the near future.

Ultimately, together with RUBBLE MASTER you are already equipped for the job site of the future.