SBR 2 is effective in rough stone quarries in everyday life

Since November 2016, Konrad Platzer GmbH has been using the BHS SBR 2 material recycling screen for pre-sieving rock fragments in its quarry in Hainfeld, Lower Austria.

The SBR 2 has been developed by the BHS for use in its own asphalting plants. Today the SBR 2 is used for the processing of asphalt material, building rubble, soil , gravel, rock, gabion and water building blocks, combustion slag, construction waste and metal scrap.

For Kurt Platzer, who has been running the quarry for 25 years and can be confidently described as a tinkerer, the performance of the machine was obvious. On the basis of reports in the trade press and the presentation on the Internet pages of the BHS, he has decided to buy and does not repent. Mr Platzer reports: "We have already built everything ourselves. Throwing grilles and bar sizer/pole separators for pre-screening have long been in use.

Pure bar sizers/ pole separators are well suited for a separation cut above 100 mm, but they are not for a cut below. Our throwing grilles always have a high wear when the coarse part is not deposited above a Sizer. With the BHS machine, we have a safe separation of large chunks via the bar sizer/pole separator and a clean cut over the screen deck. The durability of the sieve can be estimated as high after 4 months in use and by the excitation of the sieve cover quite different throughputs can be achieved than with our simple throwing grilles."

The loading with the Volvo 180 H with 5.5 m³ bucket capacity (approx. 10 t) demonstrates the performance. In addition to pre-screening in front of the crusher, Platzer uses the SBR 2 for the preparation of overburden and the production of more coarse grader material which is screened at 0-32.

"The electrical operation and the automatic switch-on / switch-off function are decisive for the operation," says Platzer. “A diesel engine would either bind the wheel loader or consume diesel continuously. Thanks to the electrical sensor operation, the wheel loader can process material at any time and recharge customers in the next minute or load the stationary system."

In Austria and Switzerland, the BHS is now working with sales partners. Thanks to Mr. Platzer's determination, SBR 2 is also available from Vienna to Geneva via trading partners.

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