SCS do not just do Screen Media but Linings too!

SCS is well know as one of the UK’s largest suppliers of screen media but alongside that SCS is a respected supplier of linings.  SCS supplies and installs linings made from different materials such as rubber, polyurethane, polyethylene, Brunel steels, steel backed rubber, etc.

Linings are used for different reasons but mostly to prevent wear which is either caused by material impacting on a wear face or material sliding over a wear face, solutions to wear areas are varied dependant on the application.

The second most common reason to install linings is due to sticky materials, where the material being processed builds up on varying surfaces or in some hoppers causes bridging. To combat this issue SCS offers a lining material called Polyethylene which has a low co-efficient of friction which aids material flow. Polyethylene comes in varying grades and thicknesses for different applications.

Polyethylene is a low friction lining but is only as good as how it is installed and can be limited by chute / hopper design.  In the photos shown 10 and 20mm thick Natural grade PE1000 is used to line a product chute and discharge chute.  In the product chute SCS has introduced radiused liners as often the corners of chutes are where material most commonly builds up.

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