SCS do not just do Screen Media but Linings too!

SCS is well known as one of the UK’s largest suppliers of screen media but alongside that SCS is a respected supplier of linings.  SCS supplies and installs linings made from different materials such as rubber, polyurethane, polyethylene, Brinell steels, steel backed rubber, etc.

The most common reason to install linings is to try to reduce wear. One way this can be achieved is by installing of linings with a longer service life. One of the most cost-effective lining materials on the market is rubber, as it has a good resistance to sliding wear and excellent impact resistance. Rubber comes in many varying forms such as pure rubber sheeting, rubber sheeting complete with a bonding layer, stabilized fabric backed rubber sheeting and steel backed rubber.

Although most rubbers look the same there are a few characteristics that control their quality and their suitability to an application. The normal way to qualify the wear resistance of a rubber is by abrasion resistance rating, a good quality rubber is normally a 120mm3 or less the higher this number the lower the abrasion resistance and hence the quality. The shore hardness of rubber has no bearing on the quality of a rubber, but different applications do suit different shore hardness’s of rubber.

The installation in the photos is a typical screen discharge chute lined with steel backed rubber liner tiles.  This installation utilises the standard 330mm square tiling system for the base of the chute and on the sides half size tile have been used. These tiling systems once installed are easy to maintain and stock spares for.  The tiles are available from SCS in two different thicknesses 25+5 and 45+5mm thick.

SCS can also supply bespoke steel backed liners tiles made from stocked sheets of 2m x 1m steel backed rubber, that come in the following thicknesses 15+3, 25+5 and 45+5mm.

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