SCS - Fostering Long Lasting Relationships

At SCS, our commitment to cultivating enduring customer relationships has paved the way for numerous successful collaborations. Recently, one such relationship blossomed with Aggregate Industries Bardon Hill, one of the largest inland quarries in the UK, an introduction was made when SCS bought out an existing supplier to Bardon Hill. To start off the relationship Bardon Hill trialled SCS’s Rubber Screen Cloths against existing and previous suppliers. Through the utilisation of top-quality materials and workmanship, these screen cloths surpassed all competition, marking the beginning of a fruitful partnership.

After the initial success both parties were keen to build on the relationship and Bardon Hill were interested to see what other products SCS could offer. As one of SCS’s core product lines is polyurethane modules, Bardon Hill evaluated price, lead time and quality on various spares orders with more than satisfactory results. When the time came for refurbishment of a derelict screen’s polyurethane screen media SCS were well positioned to advise, supply, and install all that was needed to help the site complete this project successfully.

Further Strengthening Customer Relationship

Impressed by these initial successes, Bardon Hill entrusted SCS with resolving a problem concerning one of their primary scalping screens. Challenges such as excessive part weight, high cost, lengthy lead times leading to large and costly stock holding plagued the quarry. Leveraging our wealth of expertise garnered over decades of experience in the quarrying sector, SCS developed a bespoke design of self-supporting panels that utilised the existing framework and fixing holes, therefore enabling the conversion to be a simple matter of bolt on bolt off with no structural alterations. The panels are all constructed from a high grade cut and wear resistant rubber, which has proved itself time and time again to be the best material for heavy duty dry screening operations, with a laser cut steel backing plate for strength and separate heavy duty rubber runner bars.

Trials commenced, and after careful monitoring once again, the trial was a triumph, efficiently addressing the identified issues. By providing a system with the heaviest part reducing from 95kg to 43kg this has led to much safer manual handling. When designing the system SCS limited the design to only utilise materials stocked at SCS or available locally thus reducing the lead time from over 6 months from goods manufactured overseas to approximately 4 weeks. The modular design of the new system helped to reduce stock holding by a third and with interchangeable parts the service life of the panels can be increased, again reducing costs.

Further Optimisation and Utilisation

When it came time for Bardon Hill to replace this scalping screen, SCS were grateful to be chosen to supply and install screen media for both decks. SCS recognised an opportunity to refine the design even further, so the number of panel designs is now half the original amount but still ensuring all existing panels could be utilised to negate waste. The install also required the supply of steel backed rubber side liners, in true SCS fashion there was only one design of side liner for each of the decks and both types can be rotated to get maximum service life out of them, manufactured from SCS’s stock of 25+5mm thick steel backed rubber these completed the installation perfectly.

This scalping screen also has a sister screen which utilised a very similar version of the original panel design, so when stocks of the panels were running low SCS were asked to see if the new system would work on this screen. After visiting site and diligently checking the screen it measured up exactly to fit the new panel design, with only a change to the configuration of the system to suit the screens application.

The bottom deck of this screen had a similar system with all the same issues but due to the separation size, it was decided to convert it to Rubber Screen Cloths for ease of maintenance, availability, and cost. This was achieved by a clever design of sectional screen frames that simply bolted onto the existing cross beams. With great cooperation, all preparation was completed on a night shift by site personnel and allowed SCS to complete the installation in a day. 

The following comments were received after this work was finalised “a job that went extremely well and to plan.” Martin Argyle, Night Shift Manager.

“A fantastic job carried out diligently and professionally. My thanks to you and the wider team at SCS.” Ashley Bowyer, Engineering Manager.

A Solution not just a Supplier

The success of SCS in collaborating with Aggregate Industries Bardon Hill exemplifies the power of nurturing long-lasting customer-supplier relationships. By leveraging wealth of knowledge and experience, SCS provides innovative solutions to address challenges within its scope of expertise. SCS's commitment to honest advice, excellence, and cost-effectiveness, continues to allow SCS to foster enduring partnerships.

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