Self-Cleaning Screening Star System Patented

Doppstadt Still Leading in the Invention of Intelligent Environmental Technologies

The patent is numbered DE 11 2012 005 006 B4 and it refers to a method to clean star screen machines during operation. I. e. the machines needn’t stop for cleaning operations. Even wet material can be screened without interruption; materials that may stick to the cleaning stars can easily be patted off. The most interesting feature of this system: The cleaning procedure does not require any additional equipment. The machine actually cleans itself.

And this is how it works: Star screen machines have several screening stars arranged side by side on a shaft recirculating the input material and discharging it according to the size and density. During this process the space between the stars is clogged, stones can get trapped. The patent permits the stars to clean each other because the star fingers gear into the space of the neighbouring star screen shaft. For this purpose, the longest star finger of a screening star is equipped with a metal piece, which strikes the neighbouring star screen shaft thus shaking off the adherent materials. At the same time the metal extension does not only achieve an efficient cleaning effect, but it also reduces the wear of the striking finger to a minimum.

By the invention of the self-cleaning screening stars Doppstadt underlines once again its innovation and solution competence in the field of environmental technology. As leading supplier of intelligent environ-mental technology, the enterprise aims to improve the solutions it has found. This means that almost all of our systems are mobile, flexible and compatible: They are versatile, they can be adapted to new require-ments within a few minutes by exchanging components and the combination with other machines converts them into new, comprehensive solutions.

Of course this also applies to the well-known and proven models of Doppstadt screens SM 518 and SM 620: They can be operated either with a trommel or with a screening deck. The components can be ex-changes without tools within 45 minutes. Both models are suited for mobile und stationary use. The HS Selector is a new separation system in the star screen product range. In combination with a pre-shredder of the DW series, an outstanding near-mesh grain screening and return of the oversize into the pre-shredder can be achieved.

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