Sheehan Group backs Recycle Week 2023

To mark Recycle Week 2023 the Sheehan Group is encouraging more construction contractors to embrace the Circular Driven Economy to drive down waste.

Now in its 20th year, Recycle Week is an annual awareness building event designed to celebrate recycling and inspire people to adopt more positive behaviours. This year the focus is on ‘missed capture’ – the items that can be recycled but are commonly missed.

Amid the global climate emergency, the urgent need to reduce waste in the construction industry remains. Yet it is estimated the UK construction industry produces 1000 tonnes of waste per year, 25 million tonnes of which are destined for landfill. Construction waste accounts for one third of the UK’s annual waste.

The Sheehan Group, an Oxford based civil engineering and sustainable construction company based in Oxford, recycles C&D waste to create high-quality recycled materials.

Chris Sheehan, Managing Director of the Sheehan Group said: “We hope the positive message behind Recycling Week 2023 will further inspire the construction industry to adopt more sustainable practices.

“We have seen a continued upward shift in the sector of recycling and using recycled materials, but collectively more can be done. We’d encourage more contractors to embrace the Circular Driven Economy to drive the construction industries journey towards net-zero.”

The Sheehan Group highlighted the keyway for construction contractors to embrace recycling is to adopt the Circular Driven Economy.

“It is more than what can be recycled, the concept focuses on reduce, recycle and reuse to extract as much use from an item as possible,” said Mr Sheehan.

“This reduces the press on natural resources, creates less waste and achieves savings via reused materials.”

The Sheehan Group uses CDE washing and recycling technology to wash waste and turn it into reusable aggregate. This process re-creates high quality secondary aggregate and sand.

It also produces high quality recycled aggregate, recycled sand, sustainable concrete blocks and ready-mixed concrete from waste materials.

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