Shell helps complete major section of Hong Kong - Zhuhai - Macau Bridge, the world's longest bridge over water

Today, China marked the completion of the main bridge deck section at the China mainland side of the landmark Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge, using bitumen solutions and technical expertise from Shell Bitumen.

As a global leader in bitumen technology, Shell Bitumen was selected as the exclusive supplier of specialised bitumen solutions for the main bridge deck. The bridge was designed to tackle extreme conditions such as high temperatures and humidity, high salt content in the air as well as heavy traffic loads on the bridge and extreme vibrations caused by strong winds along the Lingdingyang channel. Because of these factors, coupled with anti-deformation and anti-rutting requirements of the bridge design, Shell’s globally recognised bitumen solutions and expertise were key to successfully completing the section.

“The bridge deck project required solutions that would meet the stringent specifications we set to ensure high quality performance as well as consistent quality and supply reliability. We are very pleased with the quality of bitumen products and services provided by Shell,” said Zhang Yucai, Chief Engineer of the CB07 section of the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge project.

Shell Bitumen has been involved with the bridge deck project since 2013, providing technical support and also consulting on the materials selection and design.

“We in Shell are proud to provide our bitumen solutions to this iconic project. We are a global leader in bitumen solutions and have been working on other major infrastructure projects in China for many years. We look forward to being a long term partner of choice for Chinese customers,” said Jason Wong, Global Vice President for Shell Bitimen.

The Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge is an iconic project consisting of a series of bridges and tunnels crossing the Lingdingyang channel that will connect Zhuhai, a special economic zone in Guangdong Province to Hong Kong and Macau. The 55km link will help alleviate traffic congestion at the Hong Kong-Shenzhen cross-border checkpoints and also reduce travel times from 3.5 hours by road to 30 minutes.

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