Shred More, Earn More with the New EDGE VS750i Primary Waste Shredder

EDGE Innovate reveals its latest innovation in industrial waste management at Hillhead 2024. Engineered to set new standards in efficiency and versatility, the VS750i TM Primary waste shredder is designed to handle a broad range of materials and to meet the diverse needs of modern waste processing facilities.

A Revolution in Shredding Technology

The EDGE VS750i represents a significant leap forward in the waste management industry. The powerful VS750i is engineered to process bulky, industrial, and various other materials with ease, reducing them to manageable piece sizes. This capability significantly lowers the volume of shredded material, cuts transportation costs and allows for greater extraction of commodities. With its ability to be positioned near collection points in plants and landfills, the VS750i offers unparalleled convenience and operational efficiency.

The EDGE VS750i excels in environments where incoming materials vary greatly in size, composition, and shredding difficulty. It features robust dual 2.5 m (8'2") long rotors made from solid steel and equipped with aggressive, Hardox manufactured rotating knives that run asynchronously in both directions. This design ensures constant material movement, preventing bridging and maximizing processing efficiency.

Kevin Kelly, Product Development Manager - EDGE Innovate, stated, “The VS750i is equipped with our advanced intelligent operating system, which includes tramp metal protection. This system safeguards the shredder from contaminants, preventing asset damage and allowing it to process a wide array of materials swiftly and safely, including municipal solid waste, industrial, commercial, and bulky waste. Its multiple chamber configurations enable customization to meet specific product sizing with huge production capacity requirements.”

Built for Tough Applications

The VS750i is constructed to withstand the toughest applications. Capable of shredding a wide range of materials such as, household waste, construction debris, and compacted waste bales, it’s ideal for use in recycling plants, refuse-derived fuel (RDF) production, incinerators, and large hazardous waste plants. The shredder's 563 kW (755 HP) Caterpillar engine, open cutting table, hydraulic hopper extensions, automatic tipping hopper, and “One Point” service area for easy maintenance underscore its robust and user-friendly design.

Delivering consistently high throughput—up to 150 tons per hour depending on the input type, knife configuration, and loading procedure—the VS750i ensures maximum uptime and smooth operation. EDGE Innovate’s intelligent load management system further enhances its performance, making it a reliable choice to keep production lines moving efficiently.

Combining EDGE Innovates Intelligent Load Management System and the VS Status Alert ensures the efficient loading of the shredder leading to consistent high throughputs with minimal downtime. EDGE’s “track and shred” functionality compliments this combination, allowing the VS750i to be repositioned without the need to stop shredding.

The VS750i is also available as a static electric unit, offering significantly reduced operating costs, less servicing, and no refuelling time. Ideal for markets with environmental, legislative, or noise constraints, the VS750i Static Electric matches the production capacity of its diesel/hydraulic counterpart. Its reduced maintenance needs and higher uptime ensure unbeatable dependability with operators being able to customize the unit to meet specific application requirements or retrofitting into an existing waste processing plant.

Tom Connolly, Global Sales Manager, “EDGE Innovate continues its tradition of producing robust, high-performance equipment with the launch of the VS750i.  This latest product is the ultimate high-capacity twin-shaft primary shredder for diverse and demanding waste processing. The VS750i reaffirms EDGE’s commitment to leading the recycling industry with advanced processing solutions that meet the evolving demands of waste management”.

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