Siebtechnik Tema Ltd add the first Mobile Liwell Screen to their product portfolio.

Siebtechnik Tema B.V. and TRS B.V. have brought to market their first Mobile Liwell screen as a joint venture. In the UK Siebtechnik Tema Ltd will offer this machine as part of an extensive product portfolio.

There are two variants featuring either a single deck (STR 1550-I) Liwell Flip Flow Screen or a double deck (STR-1550-II). On the face of it this may not seem that different to other units currently available in the marketplace, however, the forced motion of the Liwell Screen provides the user with unprecedented levels of performance hitherto unavailable in this sector.

The Liwell’s patented action develops over 50g of acceleration under all feed conditions and is unaffected by deck loading, unlike floating secondary chassis types.

The collaboration with TRS was a meeting of like-minded companies looking for that performance edge, which really comes into its own on very difficult screening applications such as IBA processing. The Liwell screen at the heart of the STR1550-I/II is renowned for its abilities to screen down to 1mm with ease and possibly even smaller if the conditions allow to maximise metals recovery.

TRS B.V. is based in Akersloot in the Netherlands and specialise in Turn-Key Recycling Projects with IBA processing and metals recovery a speciality. With over 15 years’ experience in the recycling sector, offering complete solutions for waste stream processing, they have amassed a wealth of knowledge second to none.

It’s hoped this joint venture will provide the necessary platform to launch this product, the Liwell is the preferred flip flow screen for IBA (Schlacke) across Europe and we hope this will also prove the case for the UK sector also.

Brief Spec:

Type STR1550-I


Typical Process Rate for IBA

Material                                    : IBA

Size Range                                : 0-60mm

PSD                                          : 0-8mm

                                                : 8-60mm

Feed Rate                                  : 80tph*

Cut Point                                   : 8mm

Drive                                         : Hydraulic Motor

Screen Inclination                       : 15-25°

* The throughput or screen capacity is determined from a number of factors which require verification by Siebtechnik Tema, the above example is a guide only.


Technical Specification


Screen Size and Type  : Liwell LF1.5-5.04/16ED


Overall Dimensions                 : 19m x 3m x 3.1m (LxWxH) Transport Mode

Total Weight                           : 37 tonnes

Drive System                           : Hydraulic Motors

Hopper Size                             : 8m³

Input Belt                                : 11.5m long, 1.2m wide

Fines Conveyor                        : 8m long, 1.4m wide

Oversize Conveyor                  : 7.3m long, 0.8m wide


Engine Bay                              : Contains the hydraulic oil tank, diesel engine,

: Muffler and hydraulic pumps. There is motor protection

: and an electrical fault report system for Engine

: Temperature, Cooling etc.


Hydraulic Tank Capacity         : 490 litres


Engine                                     : Caterpillar Stage 5 Diesel

Exhaust                                    : DPF/SCR with Ad-Blue

Fuel                                         : Diesel

Capacity                                  : 5.13ltre

Power  (ISO 14396)                 : circa 105kw at 2,310rpm

Torque (Max)                          : circa 700Nm

Fuel Tank                                 : 260ltr (Integrated into the Chassis)


With full support from Caterpillar Global service and aftermarket support, customers can be assured of product support they need. 

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