Siebtechnik Tema relaunch Type HN Screening Machine

For the manufacture of standard asphalt-bound base and surface layers stationary, semi-mobile or mobile asphalt mixing systems are employed. These consist essentially of a dry drum, bucket conveyor, screening machine, aggregate silos, weighing and mixing equipment and a shipment loading system.

The aggregates, which make up about 80 to 90% by weight of the asphalt formulation, are heated to the required temperatures in the burner-heated dryer drum. The quality of the asphalt layer depends on, amongst other things, the quality of the binding materials and the correct grain composition of the largest component by volume, the grainy aggregates. For this reason, the screening machine is of special importance.

Siebtechnik Tema have recently relaunched their Type HN Screening Machine with an improved dust enclosure.

The advantages:

The new SIEBTECHNIK TEMA type HN screening machine has the advantage of a simple two-shaft linear motion external mechanism which maintains low operational temperatures and does not require expensive cooling systems. Being very maintenance-friendly this facilitates shorter downtime in cases of maintenance or repair. The split enclosure which is now on rails allows easy access to the internal screen surfaces.

  • Customer-specific concept
  • Temperature resistance of the components
  • Drive system, screen box and screen cloth to suit the screened material
  • Compact design
  • Low-clog classification
  • Excellent vibration insulation
  • Robust design
  • Long-life time-tested components
  • Optimally adapted drive concept
  • Low-maintenance and repair-friendly

Hot chippings at temperatures of up to 450°C have been reliably screened with this system in numerous applications across Europe.

Making the right choices:

Here the right choice of screen cloth and the kind of screen cloth tensioning is also important, with excellent accessibility of the machines.

This in combination with the dust enclosure, which in the new, split version incorporates a fully extendable chute introduce further improvements on the earlier system.

The new screens can also feature an internal bypass if required.

Simon Parry-Jones – Sales Engineer, commented, “Most of the screens on the market feature a through shaft design which tend to suffer with premature bearing failures due to the elevated operational temperatures. We have a number of the new screens in the UK which have all been received very well.”


This provides a great insight into the benefits of this design over through-shaft designs.

Various sizes (7 products) are available up to the largest which is a 2.6 x 4.0m - 4 deck with two 1/2 decks.

Associated Businesses

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