Solid support for MRF’s and recycling businesses

Solid tyres are the solution of choice for mobile materials handling machines working in MRF’s and recycling plants and Glamorgan-based Tyre Boss is aiming to become the supplier of choice.

The company has set out to ease the headache of tyre specification and procurement via a powerful combination of knowledge, product, finance solutions and buy back deals. Wayne Collins, Sales Manager and co-owner of the business with Victoria Collins, cut his teeth in the tyre sector and has spent over 20 years specifying, selling and managing tyre conversion projects. ISO- certified Tyre Boss is a go-to supplier for OTR tyres and the sole distributor of TY Cushion solids.

Sourcing a set of solid tyres can be an expensive business, but there is no doubt that they will pay back the original investment over their lifetime. Long lasting, incredibly hard wearing and puncture free, they minimise machine downtime and require very little maintenance. In busy MRF’s, when machines are working for long stretches, machine downtime - due to punctures and pneumatic tyre problems - can be a huge hindrance. Fitting solid tyres ensures mobile plant is always ready for use without the inconvenience.

The Tyre Boss ‘Buy Back’ Scheme is popular with customers that take delivery of a new or used machine with new pneumatic tyres. To facilitate an upgrade to TY Cushion solids, the team at Tyre Boss will buy back the original tyres and offset the cost against a set of new solids. These will be swapped on-site by the team at Tyre Boss who will then take the swap tyres with them to sell onto their established network of contacts in the OTR tyre sector. This saves the machine owner the task of finding a buyer, arranging pick up or collection or keeping the pneumatics in storage.

A recent investment in a new, combined larger warehouse and office premises has enabled the service from Tyre Boss to become even swifter. Able to stock additional tyres – in all the popular sizes – availability is now amongst the best in the business. The team is on-site, along with their tyre fitter, to respond quickly to all enquiries and expedite deliveries.

The company is always looking for ways to ensure they are the easiest tyre supplier to do business with. Why not give them a call to see how efficiently they can sort your next set of solid tyres?

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