String tie and wrap RDF bales

RDF has always posed problems for the recycling industry: it’s dirty, dusty and bulky - yet must be disposed of somehow. But now Middleton Engineering have designed a system that will tie bales with polypropylene string and then wrap them making them ideal for Waste-to-Energy plants.

Glastonbury based Middletons have spent a year in developing the process that should create great interest. The vast majority of balers in the UK use wire that is incompatible with pyrolysis so a string tying head has been developed using thick polypropylene twine.

We can now offer this as an attractive alternative to accompany our new range of HB60 balers designed and built here, says MD Ashley Middleton. Apart offering good savings in the price differential between string and wire the energy plant operators now know that everything can be used.

Once through the baler, the 500kg RDF bale is automatically tracked into the bale wrapper that swiftly spins a tight film in less than 30 seconds. Once the bale has been compressed and tied it is conveyed to the wrapper where it is wrapped with a specially produced film. Another roller track carries the bales to where a fork lift can stack and store them ready to be transported easily anywhere without deterioration.

Middletons will be attending the RWM 2011 show at the NEC and visitors can discuss their requirements and see a short video on the wrapping system plus other Middleton products on stand 2584.

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