Sustainable container mobile screener ECO3

The family owned business Maskin Mekano is based in Jönköping in the South of Sweden. Maskin Mekano was founded in 1956 and has delivered high quality equipment to the screening, crushing and contracting industries ever since. Maskin Mekano is the Swedish market leader in mobile screening due to the unique screen (which combines high capacity and high accuracy because of the aggressive stroke) and renown for robust, reliable and user-friendly machines. All Maskin Mekano screening plants are fully electric.

Urban recycling

As more landfill and construction waste needs to be processed on site when transport and deposit costs are rising, Maskin Mekano is proud to present the ECO3, a new screening plant on a hook-lift frame full of useful advantages. It is a modern machine built to increase profitability.

The ECO3 is cheap and easy to transport. The operating costs are low thanks to the diesel electric drive and because the screening meshes are also cheap and easy to change. It makes the screening plant ideal for producers with short-term commissions. The format is optimized for on-site production, even on a very limited space. The rugged construction is focused on the essentials: capacity, versatility and reliability.

Main advantages

  • Hook lift frame for lowest possible moving cost
  • Robust vibration feeder means it can be used for all types of sorting
  • Aggressive screen with 12 mm stroke also sorts damp materials with great efficiency
  • Diesel electric operation provides the industry’s lowest diesel consumption and CO₂ emissions
  • The lowest noise levels in its class allows for work in urban environments

The powerful and versatile feeder

The feed unit consists of a heavy-duty hopper and a powerful vibration feeder that is completely resistant to the fed material. Sharp edged stones or concrete steel will not be a problem. The feeder works with strong movement and low frequency to effectively feed all kinds of masses, from concrete, asphalt and bricks to soil, gravel and wood chip.

The aggressive screen

The ECO3 is equipped with Machine Mekano’s proven screen STE 2-26. It has a 12 mm powerful stroke and the inclination is only 11°, which means cumbersome masses never run the risk of just sliding over the screen but are efficiently processed by the aggressive stroke. The STE screen has an impressively wide range. It successfully screens light materials such as bark and wood chip, recycling materials in the form of bricks, concrete and asphalt, but also heavy materials such as ore and slag. On account of the aggressive stroke, it is never clogged with damp masses like landfill and soil.

Diesel-electric operation or operation on electricity

The power source in ECO3 is a diesel engine optimised for 1500 rpm. It runs quietly and economically. Diesel consumption is low at just 3 l/h, which translates into CO₂ emissions of about 9 kg/h. Noise levels from the machine vary according to the materials being sorted, but when empty the sound level is a class leading 70 dBA.

If there is access to mains power, there is no need to run the diesel engine, which gives even cheaper and quieter production. The total power consumption at full production amounts to 24 A, which corresponds to an electricity consumption of approx. 14 kW/h.

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