TANA´s Waste Treatment Machinery Awarded Key Flag

The Association for Finnish Work has awarded Finnish-based TANA’s waste treatment machinery the Key flag symbol in recognition of a product made in Finland.

The Key Flag is a sign of Finnish work. The symbol can be awarded to a product that has been made in Finland. In addition, the right to use Key Flag Symbol can be awarded to products with a minimum domestic content of 50 percent of its break-even cost. The calculation takes into consideration all costs related to the product.

”Our Finnish customers appreciate domestic products more than we thought and when we started the Rental business this year we decided to boost it with Avainlippu. Also in international encounters one of the first questions is typically about Tana’s origin. So we decided to bring it up with Avainlippu -sign. And we are naturally very proud of it”, says Mirja Yli-Erkkilä, Marketing Vice President at Tana.

The Key Flag symbol is very well known. According to a study conducted by the Association for Finnish Work, over 90 percent of Finnish consumers either know the Key Flag symbol well or quite well. The symbol is recognised by 92 percent of all company decision makers. The majority of Finns (75 %) also state that the Key Flag symbol has a positive impact on purchasing decisions.

Marketing Manager Reetta Mentu of the Association for Finnish Work states that people regard buying a domestic service as a way of influencing society and a value choice that contributes to Finnish competitiveness and prosperity.

“Consumers associate the Key Flag symbol with a positive image of domestic quality, reliability, safety, responsibility and employment. With the Key Flag symbol, companies can communicate important values to consumers and clients. 92 percent of companies that have been awarded the Key Flag symbol state that the symbol supports the sales of products and services,” tells Reetta Mentu.

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