TANA unveils a new electric high-torque waste shredder

Waste management operators made a wish – TANA made it happen. The new TANA Shark 440EM electric waste shredder offers improvements in both emissions and noise. TANA’s engineers used the best components, the highest quality of work and a loving touch to create this much wanted electric version of the popular TANA Shark waste shredder.

Engineered with love!
“This machine is built with love. We use the best components, and we take pride in the quality of our work.”Tommi Vänttinen, Engineering Manager, Tana Oy.

In the electric TANA Shark waste shredder, the diesel engine is replaced by two electric motors. A machine that runs on electricity instead of diesel goes easy on both the environment and the wallet. The initial investment will be paid back in lower operating costs while supporting sustainability, a cleaner site, and a safer working environment due to zero emissions.

Reduction in noise helps operators keep officials happy – not to mention the neighbors
Especially at waste management sites near urban areas, local regulations around noise levels often apply. An electric waste shredder is 6 dB quieter than a diesel-powered one, making it easier to comply with noise regulations and keep the neighbors happy. Excessive noise is also a work safety issue. The electric TANA Shark helps create a safer work environment and more satisfied employees.

Mobility of the shredder saves time and money
The TANA Shark 440EM is a semi-trailer model, so it gives any waste management operator greater versatility. A single machine can be moved between stacks and areas within the facility, eliminating the need to move waste around and saving time and money. It can even be moved between sites, eliminating the need to purchase a shredder for every site.

Unique versality: TANA Shark for shredding of toughest materials
Instead of purchasing multiple machines for each waste type or end product size, one TANA Shark waste shredder can replace two shredders and a screen. It is capable of shredding various materials up to the toughest of them such as mattresses and tyres. As TANA shredder enable full control over the particle size from 50 to 500 mm, it is possible to perform shredding in just one pass and save both time and costs. Processing mattresses or tyres requires high torque and good separation of metals. In addition, the end product size must be adjustable to meet the various requirements for the use of the crushed materials. The slow-rotating TANA Shark waste shredder with its integrated rotor screen meets all these requirements. It is able to process the mentioned and many other types of waste to the correct particle size - even in one go. This reduces the volume of waste and at the same time allows recycling of the materials.

For more information please visit local Tana representative Shaun Walker at Tana Recycling Machinery UK Ltd. Or visit www.tanauk.com

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