The first Liebherr PR 766 Generation 8 dozer arrives in the UK.

The first Liebherr PR 766 Generation 8 dozer has recently arrived on UK shores and has entered service within the Liebherr Rental Ltd fleet. The PR 766 replaces the older version of this model and is now configured with an elevated sprocket design similar to the one found on the World’s largest hydrostatic drive dozer, the PR 776.

Class leading torque figures and fuel efficiency.

As with all Liebherr dozers the PR 766 is driven by Liebherr’s powerful and fuel-efficient hydrostatic transmission which provides a combination of class leading torque figures and fuel efficiency. Independent drive motors for each track provide Infinitely variable travel drive allowing the tractor to remain under full power and able to make the sharpest of turns even under full load.

Powered by a 16.2 litre, Stage V, Liebherr diesel engine which delivers 490hp, the hydrostatic drive keeps the engine speed at a constant level with the driving speed controlled continuously and automatically depending on the required tractive force. All drive train components and the intelligent Liebherr engine management are optimally adapted to this speed, which contributes in a major way towards reduced fuel consumption. With fuel now becoming a bigger issue each and every day, Liebherr customers are certainly seeing that the combination of fuel-efficient engine and hydrostatic transmissions are the key to lowering operator’s fuel useage.

The operating weight of the tractor tops out at 54.5 tonnes, almost 10% more than its main competitor, which means there is more capability for dozing and ripping operations. The transmission provides the tractor with class leading drawbar pull of 694kN which drops to 106kN at the tractor’s maximum speed of 9km/h.

The Generation 8 Liebherr cab features a range of improvements.

Access to the cab, like many dozers of this size, is a good climb. Handrails and access steps are good and very robust to get you onto the track and all the way up to the area around the cab. Wide and non-slip with sturdy handrails, the platform gives the operator easy access right around the cab to clean windows and maintain the 360° camera system, lights, and beacons.

The inside of the Generation 8 Liebherr cab features a range of improvements over the previous model. Increased sound suppression and dampening reduces transmission and engine noise within the cab. The angled seat gives a good view to both the front and rear of the tractor’s blade and ripper and requires less movement from the operator in the seat.

The instrument layout is straightforward and easy to use with all controls falling easily to hand. Integrated ROPS ensures there are no blind spots from the seat and means the interior of the cab benefits from more natural light. Even with the large walkways surrounding the cab, the view from the seat is excellent. The central console houses the full-colour touch screen allowing the operator to monitor and change machine parameters.

A premium Isri seat offers a huge range of movement to suit any operator and comes as standard along with other in-cab comforts such as a hands-free and Bluetooth system, air conditioning and cool box. Additional LED lighting on the outside of the cab comes complete with a timed system for the operator to enter or exit the machine safely in darker conditions. An additional, sturdy, steel cab canopy prevents damage from falling objects. To meet quarrying regulations a back-up alarm and blue strobes also come in the additional Liebherr specification.

When it comes to the business end the Rental PR 766 has been specified with a 13.6m3 semi-U blade which measures 4.32m wide and almost 2m in height. The blade sports additional wear plates and heavy-duty cutting edges. A 17m3 U-blade is also available as an option for load and carry operations with lighter materials. The rear of the tractor can be supplied with either a single or multi-shank ripper. The single shank option on the UK based machine gives a practical ripping depth of almost a metre. The ripper comes complete with a hydraulic pin pusher making it easier and safer to alter the shank length and also has its own LED light fitted. The ripper frame also holds the fast fuel filler point and remote greasing points.

Maintenance is performed every 500 hours with daily checks conducted remotely from the comfort of the cab. Remote fuel filling from ground level has also been included to remove as much working at height as possible.

First time for Stokey Plant Hire.

The first customer for the new PR 766 G8 was Telford based Stokey Plant Hire who has historically been a customer of Caterpillar for its larger dozers but with the new PR 766 entering the Liebherr Rental fleet Stokey jumped at the chance to take the machine on a long-term hire.

The task was the production of high-quality building sand at one of Tarmac’s quarries in Nottinghamshire. Experienced operator Stuart Kahler was the man entrusted with ripping and pushing the material into a stockpile allowing the quarry to screen the material ready for delivery. Whilst out of the ground the sand is relatively soft and lightweight, in the ground it is totally the opposite - hard packed and abrasive. Stuart’s task was ripping and pushing an existing face with all work carried out downhill. The area, approximately 100m  was ripped down the slope then across at about 40 degrees to break up the material as much as possible before the tractor was turned to face down the slope and push the material to the quickly growing pile at the bottom. With material quickly piling up in front of the blade the Liebherr just dug in and pushed with extraordinarily little change in speed and performance despite pushing a large wave of material before it.

Stuart has previously used a D9T to undertake this job however after a week of using the Liebherr was happy to say that this was the best tractor he has operated; “I have been on everything from a D6 size to D11 size from the big manufacturers and this tractor has really impressed me. I have operated a smaller Liebherr before and that was good. This is even better. It will out-push and out-rip the last tractor I used on this job. It is also far more comfortable and so far, is using at least 12 litres of fuel an hour less than the D9 was. In my books that is a big saving on fuel with an increase in production.”

It was easy to see why Stuart rates the new dozer as full blade after full blade was pushed with ease.

Quarry Manager Bryn Kidby was also overly impressed by the dozer’s production rates; “We usually get Stokey in for a month twice a year to provide us with sufficient reserves. The way Stuart is performing we could possibly knock a few days off that programme.”  

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