The leaders of the waste world come together to share the stage

RWM will provide delegates the final chance to hear insight from influential leaders...

RWM has always boasted the best in the recycling and waste industry. Whether that be the biggest names in the industry, or just like this years edition, the opportunity to be apart of the panel discussion made up of the waste industries top dogs; Ian Wakelin from Biffa and David Palmer Jones of Suez.

Both of these behemoth companies have taken bigger active steps towards tackling the growing plastic pollution problem. Biffa already recycle around 780 million plastic bottles a year, and yet the company are looking to branch out to include PET in their massive operation, furthering their influence in the recycling world. Suez are also tackling the plastic waste problem but from a different angle, teaming up with Dutch company LyondellBasell to create a brand new recycling plant that will create virgin quality recycled plastics.

With both brands clearly having their finger on the pulse with regards to the current waste issues that affect the world today, the panel discussion will be a fiercely debated talk about the past year within the waste industry and where it currently leaves the sector, and where the next steps need to be taken. Both Ian Wakelin and David Palmer Jones have been at the front of the industry for so long that their insight and influence is second to none. Both of these companies will have the opportunity to learn from one another as the panel develops, and the perspectives will be transferable to any delegate within the audience.

With the reveal that Ian Wakelin will be stepping down as CEO of Biffa, this will be the last opportunity to hear him share his insight and knowledge on the waste industry in a working context. Ian Wakelin will be laying out what he expects from his successor and what can be expected from Biffa in the near future as the entire industry proceeds to develop and evolve from simple waste management into the circular economy model that is being worked towards.

Keynote Theatre will be the place to be at RWM
Across the 16 theatres found throughout RWM there will be some of the finest minds speaking about topics that are currently affecting the waste industry and beyond in real time. It will be the Keynote theatre that sees the individuals who are working on the frontlines to evolve and change the industry itself.

Nick Cliffe from Innovate UK will be leading two seminars on the wednesday as he gives an overview of what is available for business-led research and development within the recycling and waste industry. After this, Nick will be back on to discuss the funded research going into solving the plastic pollution problem by promoting a strong circular economy for plastic polymers. Both of these seminars will be insightful into the active work being done in the background and will add perspective on the companies who make up Innovation City, the Innovate UK lead feature displaying the companies currently working with the funding Nick will be talking about in his seminars.

Sir John Armitt of the National Infrastructure Committee will be leading a truly educational seminar as he uses his years of experience to give an incredibly well informed opinion on the future of British environmental policy and strategy as he also picks up on recent inquiries and reports from the government and Environment Audit Committee. Sir John Armitt is a life long engineer and was chairman for the build projects for the 2012 London olympics. His career and influence in British infrastructure cannot be understated and this seminar will be a rare opportunity to learn from him.

It’s important for RWM not to miss out on the commercial side of recycling and waste management. Because of this, the Head of Environment for Costa Coffee Oliver Rosevear will be leading a seminar looking at the work being done by the coffee giant and how other brands can follow in their footsteps in order to reduce needless single use waste. Having a brand as big as Costa Coffee at RWM reflects how serious these issues are being taken by global brands, as they recognise the need to become more aware with the waste they’re producing and where it goes.

The Keynote Theatre will be a hotbed of insight and industry knowledge that will be freely available to delegates as they explore the full show. Tickets for RWM are now available through Be sure to get your tickets soon as the event is just under a week away!

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