The Lindner Urraco75DK  shredding for Berrymans 

Mr Phil Tingle ,site Manager at Berrymans in South Kirkby told MachTech Manager of Mobile Machinery Mr Sharp, that 

The Lindner Urraco 75DK shreds as well as it did, the first day the company bought it back in 2016.

The Urraco 75DK, that shreds plates of glass plus PVB at Berrymans, shreds aproximatly 180 tonnes per hour and has shredded in the excess of one hundred thousand tons since purchase.

The Urraco’s shaft was changed this week at MachTechs HQ and with its side cones reworked, the Urraco was delivered back to its owners promptly.

Under contract, the Urraco 75DK is changed every 250hrs and MachTech service the machine every 500 hours.

Flexible, powerful, economical. The Urraco 75 bundles all the benefits of mobile shredding technology in one extremely compact machine. With its sturdy construction and powerful engine, this allrounder can handle virtually any type of waste, no matter how tough. Depending on the mobility requirements of the customer, it can be ordered in two different chassis types. Either with a wheel axle and drawbar, suitable for mounting on a hook lift, or equipped with a heavy track system for enhanced manoeuvrability at the operating site. 



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