Transport Support has recently launched a new safety product to help improve safety within the quarrying/transport industry.


The TS HVDS (High Voltage Detection System) is designed to prevent vehicles and machinery with a variable height from coming into contact with high voltage overhead power lines.

The system consists of a cab mounted detection antenna and an in cab audio/visual warning unit.

HVDS can sense the presence of overhead power cables from up to 80 metres away warning the operator of the potential danger.

The HVDS can be supplied as a standalone unit (12-24v) or as an integrated part of Transport Supports vehicle safety systems.

This safety system is suitable for many applications and various industries.

The HVDS has already received worldwide recognition and is currently being supplied to many of the UK's leading aggregates and agricultural producers.

Every year many people across the world are killed or seriously injured in accidents involving vehicles or mobile plant coming into contact with overhead power lines. With this in mind we are working very closely with the HSE to reduce this type of accident.

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