Twin joy for CK International's Twin Rams.

For CK International, like most companies, sales focus can often be “Who is the next customer?”Where are we going to target next?” while this is important it is also imperative to remember that existing customers are also a number one priority and need to be given the utmost care.  At the end of the day, a sales person is only as good as their last sale.  This year to date, excellence in product quality and after-sales care has proven to be hugely successful for this Northern Irish baler manufacturer.  CK International Ltd, one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of waste compaction equipment, has seen rapid Twin Ram growth this year, in particular from second-time buyers with many large waste recycling companies racing to place orders for their second machines.   Managing Director of CK International, Paul Conlon states, “We are delighted and proud of everyone at CK.  To receive this amount of repeat business for such large machines is a testament to our products and our people”

CK’s fully automatic Twin Ram recycling balers have become increasingly popular in recent times due to their flexible capabilities such as; large feed openings for bulky materials, multiple material baling i.e. the ability to switch commodities as frequent as necessary and for producing excellent bale densities.  CK has moved with the times in terms of new technology and machines are now available with data management systems that can provide live information remotely from the baler to a mobile phone or tablet.  They are also at the top of their field in engineering and product customisations have become second nature.

With the decline of RDF exports in the UK, it is understood that there will now be a huge drive for separation at source which will push more and more recyclers towards the CK Twin Ram option.  CK Twin Rams are the future, an investment with the potential of huge cost savings.  One waste management company in the Netherlands recently mentioned having saved more than €100,000 per year just by investing in a CK Twin Ram fully automatic set up for direct wrap.

Amgen Cymru, one of the largest waste facilities in Wales, recently swapped out two channel press balers for two CK Twin Ram machines.  Ian McAlister, Amgen’s Operation Manager states “The knowledge and expertise from everyone involved has been really impressive.  The new MRF has given us the versatility to bale all materials on site.  It has a processing capacity of 18-20 tonnes per hour and around 65,000 tonnes per annum – where previously we were processing around 32,000 tonnes per annum.  With regards to our bales, we have greatly improved on our bale density and can better optimise loads for transport.”

Northern Irish company Re-Gen Waste has also invested in a second Twin Ram baler, Joseph Doherty, Managing Director at Re-Gen Waste said that CK’s equipment takes them to a new level,

In a continuing programme of improvement, this equipment standardises our product offering across all ranges,” explains Joseph. “Bales of greater density reduce wrapping requirements, shrink loading times for bulk shipments and increase vessel load capacity for bulk shipments which is already the most carbon-efficient means of transport.

“The baler was designed and manufactured by CK International on the back of a successful previous installation, with Re-Gen working closely with the Dungannon based company on a solution-specific machine to meet our requirements. We incorporated their data management technology to help monitor production and produce a repeatable quality product to meet exacting international targets…This new CK baler proves Re-Gen’s commitment to continual improvement of its processes from production through to delivery helping Northern Ireland along the path of reduction of C02 emissions”

As well as multiplying throughout the UK & Ireland, Internationally CK has Twin Ram installations throughout the Netherlands, Germany, Sweden, Dubai, Australia and New Zealand.  2021 has seen the second Twin Ram installed in Italy as well as a first for Finland bringing the CK reference library to new heights.

CK International will be exhibiting at the upcoming RWM exhibition, 22nd- 23rd September, at the NEC in Birmingham, stand number P32.  Make sure to stop for a chat with CK’s waste compaction experts for any baling needs.

Who knows, twins could turn to triplets very soon…watch this space.

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