Two in one: the new complete solution from Doppstadt shreds and screens in one system

This world first for the forestry sector from full-liner Doppstadt performs two recycling tasks in a single pro-cess: this combined machine, comprising a DW 3060 type F single-shaft shredder and a matching selector, shreds old wood, green waste and sorted wood waste and then screens them to the required fraction size. The material fed in is shredded, without pulverizing it, and any unwanted fine fractions in the final product are reduced to a minimum. The chain chassis machine is versatile and, as such, can be used at different locations.

Thanks to Doppstadt's proven modular technology, it can be equipped with different shredding shafts and tools. A DW 3060 type F single-shaft shredder generates material largely free of undesirable fine fractions. Fur-ther benefits of the machine included its excellent reliability, due to its 100% mechanical drive, good con-tamination resistance, low operating costs and simple maintenance processes. The counter blade can be replaced safely and conveniently outside the machine and the complete tooth bar can be removed from the shredding comb entirely without the need for tools.

The new "Limiter" is also an optional fine shredding system for the shredder, which holds back a large pro-portion of the unshredded or insufficiently shredded wood that made it through the automatic contami-nant sorting process in the shredding process until it is sufficiently shredded. Thanks to its gimbal-mounted, suspended components, the Limiter easily avoids three-dimensional foreign bodies, ensuring that contami-nation resistance is now also maintained with fine shredding, as with the other Doppstadt shredding sys-tems. Doppstadt equips the shredder with a "Selector" option for work that requires a defined end product completely free of oversized fractions. This downstream close-mesh grain screen works fully without a separate drive and returns the oversized material along a conveyor for re-shredding to meet the precisely defined specification. This cyclical process, which optimizes the product, results in a high-quality end prod-uct with a uniform fraction size.

Excellent grinding performance – low operating costs
The new AK 560 Eco Power and AK 560 Eco Power Plus universal grinders grind biowaste and waste wood quickly and with impressive output, using less energy and fuel than their predecessors. "Our mobile units are designed for continuous use in recycling plants," explains Thomas Diekmann, Product Manager at Doppstadt. "Their continuous performance and load-dependent material feed makes them ideal for using with waste wood, wooden pallets, green waste, logs and roots, biowaste and renewable fuels. The AK 560 can be adapted in minutes to the most diverse range of requirements on site."

The EcoPower grinder first captures the material at the impact edge and then reduces it on a baffle plate equipped with Hardox teeth or a replaceable cutting bar. The operator determines the final material struc-ture and fraction size by means of the grinding basket in the discharge area of the grinding chamber. The baskets come with a mesh size of 30 mm to 400 mm for different materials and grinding structures, can be replaced in minutes without the need for tools and can avoid foreign bodies as they are hydraulically con-trolled.

Tier 4 emission standard achieved
A Mercedes-Benz diesel engine (MTU engine 6 R 1300) drives the entire unit and complies with the Tier 4 emission standard without the need for an expensive particle filter. The engine reaches a very high torque with an optimum torque curve, thanks to its electronic engine management. It is quieter than the diesel engines used to date, once again with significantly reduced fuel consumption.

Ideal for contaminated material too
The Dopp-Lock™ quick-change system makes it far easier to replace the shredding tool. The free-swinging Dopp-Lock™ shredding tools can be replaced within minutes, regardless of whether the tools need replac-ing because they are worn or because the input material places different demands on the machine. When combined with the new "Long Life" impact plate, these tools also guarantee a longer service life, even if processing contaminated input material. The new mobile machines replace Doppstadt's AK 510 and AK 535 series. According to Thomas Diekmann: "Our new technology has produced universal shredders that incor-porate all the benefits of their predecessor models, whilst at the same time being more fuel-efficient, high-performance and environmentally-friendly."

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