TY Tyres outperform all expectations at Harsco

Machines working in the arduous environment of a steel manufacturing plant must be robust, durable and capable of working long days without interruption. Fitting the right tyres is key to achieving the best performance.

Celsa Group is a leading European steel company specializing in long steel products. The company’s site in Cardiff has an agreement with Harsco Metals & Minerals to provide on-site metal recovery and meltshop services.

Two CAT 980 wheeled loaders owned by Harsco are used for materials handling in the internal scrap yards on site and these are fitted with 29.5-25 TY Cushion D2A pattern tyres to eliminate the risk of punctures or tyre damage from loose metal objects.

Supplied by OTR tyre supplier, Tyre Boss, the tyres were sold on a service exchange contract so that new tyres, when required, are pressed onto wheels in the workshop at Tyre Boss ready for direct swap to the machine on site. The contract also includes regular tyre inspections; the first of which took place six months after original fitment. To the delight of Dean Healey, Administration Officer, Celsa Cardiff Operations, the inspection demonstrated that tread wear of the TY Cushion tyres was just 5mm on a machine that had clocked up a huge 1442 hours during that period.  

“The TY Cushion tyres are still in very good condition and have 230mm of tread remaining after six months of usage in the harsh environment here. We invested in solid tyres to minimise downtime on the machines which have to work day in day out handling metal scrap that arrives daily on trucks and trains. If a machine is out of action then it puts us behind. These tyres have performed beyond expectation; not only have they helped eliminate downtime, but they are proving to be a very cost-effective solution given the level of wear so far.”

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