Tyre fill a popular solution from Tyre Boss

Best known for supplying and fitting specialist solid tyres, Tyre Boss can also source and supply pretty much any off-highway tyre solution. This includes tyre fill which is still a very popular option for many customers.

From budget through to premium bands and from small 8” tyres right up to 45” tyres Tyre Boss, new tyres and fill can be supplied and fitted in the quickest turnaround, including a fill-only option for customers with a suitable set of existing pneumatics.

As with cushion solids, the tyre fill service is also available on service exchange wheels which saves even more time for machine owners who can use off-the-shelf rims from the extensive stocks at Tyre Boss. Tyres with fill supplied by Tyre Boss use flat proofing polymers which protect pneumatic tyres from tread or sidewall damage. The air inside the tyre is replaced with a resilient liquid polyurethane that cures once inside the tyre – creating a solid tyre effect.  This protects the tyre from any change in pressure or blow out, even under extreme load whilst providing a comfortable and safe ride for the driver and machine.

Of course, for optimum durability and lifetime value a set of cushion solids is the optimum solution, but for customers who prefer a lower initial capital outlay the option of tyres and fill offers resistance to potentially damaging and arduous site environments.

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