Universal Shredder Manufactured by Full-Line Supplier Doppstadt Beats Competition

The new area of application for the new Doppstadt universal shredder DZ 750 is located in the state of Arizona: As a solution to a very demanding task – the shredding of palm leaves and log cuttings – the all-round machine prevailed over other machines. The considerable results and failure-free throughput were convincing. Palm leaves and logs are moist inside and fibrous. Machines that do not meet these requirements fail more often: the fibers coil up around the rotors and paralyze the machine. 

The DZ 750 is different. It combines Doppstadt‘s slow-speed crushing technology with the high-speed grinding technology forming a compact coarse and fine shredding system. Even most difficult materials can be processed producing a usable final product. The procedure is completed by a triple magnetic separation: Most of the ferrous contaminants are already caught in the pre- and re-shredding process. The rest will be separated by the downstream overband magnet. Therefore, not even contaminated materials will cause any problem for the DZ 750.

The machine power is dimensioned for continuous operation. The robust construction designed for a long life, the exclusive use of high-quality materials and the high standards of workmanship ensure very short maintenance and down times and support an economic use in the long term.

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