Valencia and Ulrich share a high-five

Valencia Waste Management purchase a record number of Ulrich’s larger High Tips...

The UK’s largest privately-owned landfill operators, Valencia, are taking waste disposal to even greater heights with the acquisition of a record number of large plant attachments from Ulrich, including the manufacturer’s largest-ever High Tip high-discharge bucket.

Valencia Waste Management have purchased five High Tip buckets from Ulrich Attachments so far this year, bring their total of that particular piece of waste handling equipment to 16 since their parent company Frank Solutions acquired Viridor two years ago.

The most recent five High Tips range from 10m3 to Ulrich’s largest-ever - a 14m3 capacity  bucket, big enough to hold 20 of Ulrich’s factory workers - that was required to complement the larger dumper trucks the operators has also been acquiring due to an expansion in recycling facilities, with six new waste transfer sheds currently under construction.

“This creates extra shovel work and larger operations means larger dumpers which equates to larger shovels to move the waste quicker,” said Valencia’s national fleet and plant manager Mark Smalley.

 The five Ulrich High Tips so far this year will probably not be their last either.

“We probably will purchase more Ulrich Attachments this year as we have some older non-Ulrich buckets in the fleet that we inherited from the Viridor takeover that will be replaced along with any more Volvo shovel acquisitions. Again, these will be used for waste handling,” added Mark.

“Plant quality is paramount to us and Ulrich products are quality with service. With them, everything is done correctly and in a timely manner. They are our go-to supplier.”

One of Valencia’s 12m3 High Tips will showcase on Ulrich’s stand (W18) at Hillhead 2024.

Ulrich Attachments remains at the forefront of the design and manufacture of High Tip buckets designed for light material re-handling into high sided trucks and hoppers. Capacities start at 0.7m³ and give an additional discharge height of up to 1.7m above that obtained with a conventionally-mounted standard bucket.

The bucket is mounted on a carrying cradle with a pivot located behind the cutting edge which enables high discharge, while the dump action is achieved by two hydraulic cylinders mounted in the bucket sides which allow forward dumping of the load while the cradle and loader linkage remain in the high-carry position.

Ruggedly, yet simply constructed, the High Tip is manufactured from high-quality materials for long life, with the option of Hardox for more aggressive applications. The buckets can be direct pin-mounted to the loader arms or via a quick coupler bracket on the loader.

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