Vortex Titan Series TSG gate handling granite rock

A regional rock quarry mines and supplies aggregate-based construction materials used in building highways and railroads. The company was searching for a solution to shut off a stream of 2cm (.75in) granite rock from the storage silos to the loading trucks below. The challenge was to find a slide gate that would offer a longer life than average slide gates due to the abrasiveness of the granite rock it was handling.

Vortex was contacted to find out if they had a slide gate that would offer longer life than gates they had previously used for their abrasive granite rock material. Vortex was developing a new gate to handle abrasives and viewed this application as an excellent opportunity for their research.

A 60cm (24in) gate was produced and installed. During a two-year period, while working with the company, minor design changes were implemented that enhanced the performance of the original gates. Selected changes were considered and incorporated into a Vortex product now known as the Titan Series TSG Gate. The TSG features an abrasion resistant blade, replaceable abrasion resistant liners, and a displacement end pocket that prevents material packing upon blade closing.

The company has been impressed with the performance of the TSG in handling their material. The TSG has been in place for eight years and offers much improved valve life-cycle costs for an industry that wears out and replaces equipment quite frequently.

The plant superintendent comments “Finding equipment that offers longer life is always on our minds. The Vortex valves are providing exactly that!”

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