Vulcan Dryers – Setting the highest standards for Northern Ireland Quarry

Following our announcement earlier in the year that Vulcan Burners have extended their product range to include bespoke dryer systems. The decision to develop a range of efficient and reliable dryers, again with the emphasis on efficiency and reliability was an oblivious choice that will complement the Vulcan burner range.

In spring 2019 Vulcan Burners successfully installed and commissioned its first bespoke burner and dryer system for MP. Coleman Ltd of Stewartstown Northern Ireland.

MP Coleman is a family run business, who have grown throughout the generations to become a well-established civil engineering and surfacing contractor in Northern Ireland.

MP Coleman also supply a range of materials to customers across Northern Ireland which include Ready-mix concrete and Bitmac/Asphalt Products. MP Coleman also offer a bespoke deferred set product which is distributed throughout the UK and Europe.

To guarantee customer satisfaction MP Coleman ensures that all products are of the highest quality and manufactured efficiently whilst remaining environmentally friendly. In a bid to maintain these high standards MP Coleman Ltd.’s Company Director Martin Coleman wanted to upgrade the Asphalt Production plant with the help of Vulcan Burners.

Martin Coleman took the decision to replace the existing dryer and burner on his Phoenix asphalt plant. His requirements were for increased production capacity, efficiency, and reliability. This was to be achieved while guaranteeing minimal environmental impact to the site and surrounding area.

Vulcan Burners carried out a comprehensive consultation with the customer and supplied a proposal that included a bespoke drying system which included a larger dryer, burner, new feed end box, and burner end box. 

The new dryer diameter was increased from the existing 1.8 meters to 2.2 meters whilst utilising the existing chassis. The innovative design of the drum ensures the minimal withdrawal of course dust, whilst the dryer lifter configuration enabled increased capacity for the manufacture of hot roll asphalt. The efficient lifter design is also tailored to suit the new Vulcan Surface burner which gives an additional 20% more drying space within the drum.

The installation was carried out over one week, to ensure minimal disruption to production. As part of the package full operator corrective training was given ensuring that site personnel have the confidence and knowledge to operate their drying system, effectively and to the highest safety standards.

The operating team at MP Coleman has stated that the Vulcan drying system is user-friendly, and the burner design is very easy to maintain, especially with the split, roll-back feature, it makes regular weekly maintenance easy and accessible.

Currently, based on the monitored fuel figures, savings above 15% are achieved on production runs, this corresponds with the extremely low emissions recorded and monitored during production.

Martin Coleman, Managing Director states, "I am extremely happy with this investment, The Vulcan Dryer & Burner package is impressive, the quality & performance of equipment is of exceptional value and I would highly recommend the Vulcan range to any prospective Asphalt manufacturer  who is considering upgrading their equipment and facilities."

With every dryer replacement inspection, Vulcan provides a new lifter configuration design based on improved performance. Ian Lewis, Senior Technical Engineer for Vulcan Burners explains, "It is common to see new dryers supplied on a like for like basis, but little performance savings are made as either the lifter configuration is of a poor or old design which leads to no improved efficiency, poor emissions, and  worse case premature damage to the new equipment. For the cost of the investment and downtime for the installation made, items such as lifter design should be a priority on any buyers list of requirements. For the Vulcan dryer range, it is one of the most critical elements to ensure that the lifter pattern is optimised, not only for performance but also towards the environmental element of lowering emissions. The customer should expect no less.

The Vulcan dryer supplied for MP Coleman Ltd was designed with a larger diameter drum this provided a host of benefits for production. This is achievable on numerous plants and again, we discuss the customer's future production targets during the initial site visit.  Increasing the drum diameter is beneficial for any customer at very little cost, especially those with an extremely busy site and if it is plausible to do so depending on the rest of the equipment.

An additional feature of the Vulcan Dryer is that it is designed and manufactured fully fitted with a high-quality sealing system which limits the ingress of excess air from entering the dryer.  Again, many benefits can be gained when dryer endboxes are fully sealed. The optimum fuel to air ratio is maintained correctly, ensuring the efficiency of the combustion system, this in turns provides real fuel savings.

Even in this area of efficiency as the main driving force for plant upgrades, many new dryers are still supplied with inadequate sealing in place.

As part of the Vulcan drying package, we can offer related equipment such as new dryer and feeder end boxes, skimmers. Again, these are all bespoke to the customer's requirements. 

The burner end box is another item designed specifically for the incorporation of the Vulcan surface burner series, this allows easy access into the internal drum for maintenance and future inspections. It is an additional safety feature that helps to overcome the dangers associated with confined space entry as the burner can quickly be rolled back to allow direct entry into the dryer in case if an emergency were to arise.

Vulcan Burners take a measured approach when supplying and delivering a Vulcan Dryer/Burner contract, we believe that the customer should expect no less in today's climate; efficiency, performance and the environmental impact of the drying system are critical to any equipment purchase. If you are considering a dryer upgrade or replacement, please get in touch.  Email: Tel: +442879469501. Many thanks to M.P Coleman Ltd for their contribution to this article.